Twitter thread: Poverty? Not our job

What did you expect of us? Of course poverty… always is… you can’t… deal with… terrifying… What we are focussed…

Open Letter: NDIS neglect and harm with compulsory assessments

You are not a medical professional, and are putting people, including myself, in harm and being intentionally neglectful by dismissing our concerns and continuing with these compulsory assessments.

If you have not already done it, your responsibility is to read every report by the Royal Commission into Elder Abuse and Royal Commission into people with Disabilities.

Index cards fanned out. The top card reads Deconstructing Rapes. The number one is circled and in the top left hand side.

Thread: My Phraseology of Sexual Assaults

Update: Amber is amazing – there is a Consent Toolkit! RASARA have developed it. You can download it at…

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My Snowy was always loved

Last Sunday night, I said goodbye to him again. Knowing he had to see a vet. That was all I knew. I cuddled him, then told him he can go. Thanked him for being my friend and loving me. Later I fell asleep with my hand held against his back.