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Musings from a woman on the Autism Spectrum.

My Autistic Burn Out and Recovery

It's nice not to be burnt out!

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eBooks Out Now

You can sample, borrow or buy one of my eBooks that are out now on Kindle.

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Learnings from a former Youth Advocate: Writing

I had finally found a passion in life. A job that I wanted to do. Getting the voices of youth heard by policy makers and change makers. 

Dear Centrelink Letter Writers

Thank you for your charming letter dated 12th June 2017, stating that I had failed in providing something you'd asked for. I hadn't realised that declaring that I'm not paying rent was an offence.

Self Publishing my eBooks Online #2

I'm proud to say that I've now got four eBooks up in the Kindle online store!

Announcing “Hope Emerges” A Poetry Collection

Themes in my new poetry collection run through hope lost, the power of committing to things, and finally reaping the rewards. Respite into feeling hopeful and content.

May Personal Update

My days are busy, my studies are on hold and I am trying to be more responsible at home, with my chores.

Karletta Abianac (Author) Interview

A lovely interview with

Book Chatter Magazine

edited_1482477242110 Karletta Abianac

Karletta is one of the masses of females who were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum late in life. She was 30 years old.

She is a blogger, writer and former public speaker.

Her previous eBooks are Fill in the Gaps – Guide to Community Event Management, and How you can BE an Amazing Public Speaker.

Her current eBooks are Successful to Burnt Out: Experiences of Women on the Autism Spectrum, and Inaccessible: Poetry about Inaccessible Things.

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Author Interview Stamp smallExclusive Interview

Q. Writing a Memoir can be cathartic did you find the writing of Successful to Burn Out emotionally purging for you and the 4 other women if so please share?

A. Seeing my experiences shared by these four women was amazing. I knew in theory that we would share some things – like lessening our responsibilities and eventually crashing – or being…

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April 2017 Personal Update

There are a few pretty great things happening at the moment. I #AmWriting, had an interview, signed up to study online, and am writing poetry.

I #amwriting Another eBook

(This new book) has a different structure than I mapped out, but thats kinda the point. I think of mapping out as getting the concepts onto the page. Then I can start writing the text as a draft.

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