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Musings from a female on the Autism Spectrum.

Call for Contributions: Aspie Mothers

I am writing an eBook about Autistic Burn Out.  It will be part of a series of eBooks about women with Aspergers. The series is called I've been there too Darl. I'm looking for contributions from women who've got children... Continue Reading →

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Why is that lady soo nervous? #1

If I’m in a conversation with you, it’s a concentrated effort to think of things you may or may not know. It’s a challenge, so if you ask me a question, it will take me a while to think of an answer.

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Self Publishing my eBooks Online #1

I'm learning about publishing online. These eBooks have a series of drafts. They are being revised and internally edited before going to an editor.

Even I Misinterpreted Autistic Traits

Recently I read a post in that closed group that gave me a feeling of dread. It was an Autistic mother explaining how her kids ostracized her.

On Confidence and Feeling Settled

Writing for this many months has been gratifying. Mainly because I've learned not to burn myself out. Going slow and steady seems to be serving me well.

Discovering a Structure to Flirting

For a women with Aspergers, this format of Article, Explanation and Example is just what I've been looking for.

Shared post: Sometimes I go Mute

This is a reblog of a post by Silent Wave. There is nothing more I want to add at this time. This post sums up why I go mute sometimes. You should read it. Sometimes I go mute -

What is Trolling and Why do they do it?

The SBS Insight program "Trolls" (Oct 16th 2012) was very insightful on trolling, and why trolls do it.

Meet ups for World Autism Month

I am hosting different meet ups during World Autism Awareness Month. It is in April. One for family and friends. One only for females with Aspergers.

Challenges of writing my own Mental Health Plan

At times I had to deal with feeling that my doctors weren't taking my writing efforts and issues seriously.

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