April Personal Update


Have to post something this month, so i’ll go for a personal update.

I finished Sociology with a score of 65%. I’m quite surprised I even passed. As you can see in the pic, I didn’t watch the videos in the last two modules. Don’t know what was going on, I just had no idea what the trainer was talking about. 

Somehow managed to pass sociology
Somehow managed to pass Sociology.

The Quantum Physics course is ok. A couple of answers were wrong (excuses, excuses) when I thought they were multiple choice. If only i’d just stuck with my first answer. Well actually, I should have read the questions in full!.
I’m having more trouble following these sets of lectures than the Leonard Susskind ones. I’ve pretty much given up on the course, and just watch Leonards lectures instead.

I’ve been researching Aspergers a bit more this month for a mate, collating stuff into a Word doc. One quite interesting video is a lecture called – wait for it – Aspergers’s Lecture Raw Footage. I don’t know who titled it, but it’s funny because I tend to be creative in some ways and literal in others.

Been listening to a lot of podcasts including ‘The Dollop’, ‘TOFOP’ and the hilarious ‘Point vs Point’.
Last week I tried my hand at writing a little ditty for a podcast I like called Smart Enough to Know Better. The lyrics were ridiculous, and singing was bad, but hey, I gave something a go.

Sending it off made me think that I really aught to just let things I write sit for a bit before I publish. Every time I post on my blog, like the second after I hit publish I’m hit by a wave of embarrassment and list of all the things wrong with it. What do they call that?

Text remorse?


I’ve got two new tenants in the house i’m looking after. Though I call them house-mates because they’re both older than me. They’re nice ladies so far. I’m sure they are seething that I don’t chat much. Couldn’t really care less. I’ve told them over and over that I don’t talk much, I don’t socialise much. (Edit May 28th: Turns out I just needed time to warm to them. We’re chatting fine.)

I set up an eHarmony profile on the off chance that there may be a few guys out that that wouldn’t mind dating a lady on the disability pension. (Edit May 28th: Just got accepted into a Diploma of Community Services!) First time probebly that i’ve put unemployed in any of my online profiles.

Most of tomorrow i’ll be in a workshop in Woollongabba.

Looking forward to that. Speaking of looking forward to things, I should get the new John Birmingham book ‘Ascendance’ next week in the mail. Very exciting.

Ascendance book by John Birmingham
A taste of ‘Ascendance’ (prologue)

Been listening to ‘Broken Bells’ by Broken Bells, and ‘O Vertigo’ by Kate Miller-Heidke. Plus my current favourites of Simon & Garfunkle, ‘Monsters’ by Thelma Plum and a bit of Morcheeba.

Anyway, hope I didn’t make your head explode with my self-indulgent post.

Have a nice day.