Book review of Talking Smack

Book: ‘Talking Smack: Honest conversations about drugs’
Author: Andrew McMillen
Featuring: Paul Kelly, Gotye, Tina Arena, Phil Jamieson, Steve Kilbey, Mick Harvey and Holly Throsby and more…

**** 4 Stars
This book is a useful and interesting compilation of individuals in the Australian music industry’s experiences with using and not using drugs

I only started smoking pot late in my life, at 27 yrs old, and it surprised me that there were others (like the author) who are late-bloomers too.

Frankly drugs scared me. I didn’t want to black out, pass out in a gutter, forget who I was, and turn into a druggie loser.

When reading Talking Smack, I realised how intense the negativity about drugs is.
Mass media, Laws, well meaning but ignorant friends, and counsellors have been happy to spout ‘Just don’t do it’. As if I’m less of a person for having a go at pot, to slow down my thoughts.

As I said I’ve been afraid of other drugs than pot, and I am very happy to say that having read the book, I still have no intention of taking them.

A question I had going into the book was “do others also feel like its fairly easy to get off drugs, at times?”
I am happy to say that the answer is a resounding yes.
It turns out, there is a spectrum of drug use.
Some people interviewed take something a few times a year, and aren’t interested when offered more.

This is fabulous news to me. ‘So I can trust my instincts. I’m not missing out when I say no. I don’t need to drink just because others are.”

I’ve found the book Talking Smack by Andrew McMillen to be a very useful addition to my mental library.

I highly recommend you read it too.

You can view the Book launch with John Birmingham interviewing Andrew McMillen here.

You can buy the book ‘Talking Smack’ at it’s own website.