It’s cool


(to the three people who read my blog hehe)

I’ve been fine, went in to get ID the other day so I can enroll into a TAFE course. It seems silly that i’ve been putting it off. I put a ring on layby to reward myself. Its a lovely thing and i’m looking forward to wearing jewelry again!

Communication wise been switching between being mute and talking to flatmates. Not feeling lonely which I was when I had the house to myself. Not posting on twitter much but i’ll get back round at some point.

I’ve been going through a day or two here and there where I don’t want to do anything, then get back into my routine. The fact that its only a couple of days is awesome. I used to go comatose for what seemed like weeks and months on end.

Been listening to Broken Bells still a lot. This is one of my favourite songs. Not sure what it means, but i’ve made up my own theories that inspire me.

Recently I bit the bullet and reconnected with my two old best friends which was lovely.

Hope you have a nice day. Talk to you later.