Bit of writing done

I wrote out a speech the other week, and have been working on a short writing course.

They’ve both been great exercises.

I started the speech because I figured I needed a simple way to explain Aspergers to people.

So there’s the elevator pitch and an actual speech called ‘Why is that lady soo nervous?’. It has three examples of communication problems that I have.

  • Theory of mind (not seeing another person’s perspective)
  • Taking things literally (not seeing contexts)
  • Knowing my ‘place’ or ‘role’

I am quite pleased with it, but still need to practice it in the mirror, then in front of people to iron out the kinks.

I had a go at imbuing my sense of humour into my three stories. It was nice, because years ago I’d wanted to be able to tell my stories with comedy. Lose a bit of their sting. Make ’em more accessable. So there’s self-depreciation and sarcasm intertwined in places.

Been doing a Taster Course through Australian Writers Marketplace. Its been confronting. Especially admitting that people really do expect a beginning, middle and end to stories, blogs, speeches ect. Damm judgmental people hehe.

In the first module we were expected to write a bit ‘inspired’ by three words. A word, a feeling, a visual.
I did it three times writing over 1000 words before I read the material again. And realised i’d done it wrong. You were supposed to come up with one sentence for each exercise. It was hard distilling it, but i’m glad I did it both ways in the end.

In one of the modules you analyse the arcs, purpose ect of a charactor. I did this and retyped from a specific book, Ascendence by John Birmingham. It’s the purple book in the above pic. The arc I worked on was the relationship between Dave and Emmeline.

I noticed a few things, like how he changes thinking about her as his mood changes ie: Professor, Emmeline, Em ect. I thought those words really create whole worlds/experiences/ dimensions. You couldn’t get that as easily if Dave just stuck to one name.

I’ll be working on the Taster Course over the next few weeks, as well as finishing up the Quantum Physics one. By then I should be studying through TAFE. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Happy writing,