What to expect with a horror as President

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White lash has just elected what I think is a corporate psychopath.

Donald Trump is going to destroy parts of society one by one. We are right to be staring blankly and preempting devastation.

I am wondering if some people who elected him did, in part, what I’ve done for a fair bit of my life. They had excuses for everything callous about him.

They pandered to his excuses and so called good intentions, just as men pander to other men being sleazy to women.

Its been thought he could be a corporate psychopath

He seems to display uncaring behaviours.
Can these people not see that Trump is an exact example of why their fathers and sons are unemployed?
You may have read about how he didn’t pay his contractors. He would declare bankruptcy so he didn’t have to pay his suppliers and workers.

I suspect that he has the same mind as those who shut down manufacturing plants, destroying whole communities and towns.


I can think of a number of things that could happen in the future. I think his actions will affect us for generations:

Actions we could expect from Trump

Initiate a few great public programs for the Greater Good. Most likely aimed at white people, but also impacting other sections of society. The reason: To gaslight the States into believing he isn’t that bad and really does have good intentions.

Huge Constructions and infrastructure will have budgets blown out many times over. The reason: “That’s how business works. You can’t foresee everything’.

The constructions will be crudely or unsafely done. The reason: ‘Stop with the Red Tape already’.

Possibly constructions will be abandoned, unable to be repaired or finished cost effectively. The reason: ‘No one is perfect.’

Huge spending sprees. The American coffers will be tapped out. The reason: ‘You’ve got to spend money to make money’.

Loosen tax laws even more for corporations and the mega rich. Trumps reason: Paraphrasing from one of his debates to be President – Its allowed, people passed the law. Why didn’t you stop me?

Tax the lower income earners even more than now. Doing this while fostering a sense of smothering obligation to their country.

Make impulsive and reckless decisions that impact many people. The possible reason:  It makes me a good businessman. You knew the score.

Engage in risky, confrontational behaviour and language with foreign super powers. Shifting the blame and responsibility away from him when new wars are fought.

The issues are complex

I am aware of the voting process and the reasons for this presidency are complex.

I hope that some of the white people who voted him in are blissfully ignorant of how manipulative and destructive he can be to society.

I can’t bear the thought that they couldn’t care less if the world burns.

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