Ch 1: The Small Door (Short Kids Story)


In Oct 2013 I wrote three short childrens stories for my nieces and nephews, aged between 10 months to 8 yrs old.

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Chapter 1: “The small door” by Aunty Karletta

Once upon a time, there were three sisters who went on a magical adventure together.

We will begin with how one of them met Mrs White.

The three sisters were called Savannah, Polly and Aida. They moved into a new home, which had a glorious tree in the back yard.

The tree had a large trunk and branches, perfect for climbing on.

One day, the middle girl, Polly, was climbing the tree when she discovered a small purple door in the trunk.


She bent down to take a better look, and found a little sign on the door saying “Mr & Mrs White”.
Her heart started to beat faster. “Could it really be?” she wondered? Could a fairy really be living in this tree?”.
She looked at the door for a minute, trying to decide what to do.
“I could open the door… but that would be rude. I shouldn’t go into someone’s house without being invited. I could knock on the door though.
Ooh, I hope they are home!”

So Polly gently knocked a knuckle on the purple door and held her breath, so she could hear better.

The door opened a crack, and she saw a little pixie peering out. The pixie was as tall as her knee, and wore an apron with many pockets and bags on it.
“Good Morning my dear girl.” Said the pixie. “I was wondering when you’d visit us.”
Polly was excited because it was a real pixie! “Hello” she said. “My name is Polly.”
“Well hello miss Polly. I am Mrs White.”
Mrs White peered around. “Are your sisters with you?” She asked.

“Um, they’re inside. How did you know I had sisters?”

Mrs White giggled “Oh my dear – I’ve seen you out of my windows. And heard you playing and laughing.
I did miss the sound of children laughing, before your family moved in. My children have all grown up and left home, you see.”

“Oh” said Polly. “I see”.

Mrs White then asked “Would you like to visit for a cup of cocoa?”.

“Oh. I don’t know. I’ll have to ask my mum and dad.”

“Very sensible” nodded Mrs White. “Run along and ask them, I will be here.”


Polly stared at the little pixie for a few seconds before carefully looking around for how to climb down the tree safely. “See you soon!” she called out.

Once inside, she found her dad in the kitchen, making dinner.
“Dad! Dad! Guess what I found?”
“What did you find love?” Her dad looked at her, smiling.
“I found a little door in the tree, and a pixie lives there and she wants me to come for cocoa. Can I please go dad? Pretty please?”

“In our tree?” He asked, and Polly nodded.
Her Dad laughed delightedly.
“Well Polly, why not? Just make she she’s a nice pixie, and don’t eat too much. We’re having Tortillas for dinner soon.”

“Yay! I won’t dad”, she said and spun around, racing out the door.

“Polly” her dad said. “Please walk, don’t run in the house.” “I’ll let you know when dinner’s ready”.

“Ok, bye.” said Polly as she slowed down and walked to the back door.


Once she was at the little door, in the tree, she gently knocked again. “Pixie!” she called out.

Mrs White opened the door again.

“Please my dear, call me Mrs White. Just because I am a pixie, I shouldn’t be called pixie. Can you call me Mrs White please?”
“Ooh yes.” said Polly solemnly, then asked “Mrs White, how can I come inside? your house is too small.”

Mrs White clapped her hands, “Very good question. I have a very special carrot that will make you small. But it will only last an hour. You will have to leave when you start growing bigger again.”

“I take it your parents said you could visit?” Mrs White asked.

“Daddy said I could”. “But I’ve got to be home soon for dinner. We’re having Tortillas!”

“Ah, in that case” said Mrs White, “Before you go, you may have to also have a special tomato to make you bigger, sooner.
We’ll just have a quick drink and you can tell me what Tortillas are.”

Mrs White opened a pouch around her waist and pulled out a tiny orange carrot.
“Best if you eat it slowly, so you can get used to getting smaller. Mind you hold onto the tree properly!”

Gingerly, Polly took the tiny carrot, which was about as big as her pinky finger, and slowly chewed it.

As she grew smaller, her hands moved down the tree trunk, and she had to keep her balance by changing how she held and stood on the tree.


After a minute had passed, she was the same size as Mrs White!
Now she could see her better, and realised that Mrs White had wrinkles and a pleasant smile. “Welcome in my dear, and i’ll get the kettle boiling”.

Once inside, Polly looked around the home, where Mrs White was bustling around in the kitchen.
There was a little black stove with a round kettle on it, a pantry, a sink and a big box.
“What’s that box?” she asked.

“Why, its an ice-box, to keep my food cool” replied Mrs White.

“Ooh, like a fridge” nodded Polly.

There in the lounge, was a comfy looking chair, and above a fireplace, there were some paintings of a tree, and a few portraits of other pixies. “Her family” Polly guessed.

Mrs White soon called out – “Polly, come, sit down, and we’ll have that cocoa”.

When Polly sat at the table, she noticed it had a pretty white table-cloth, a mug of cocoa with a heart of foamy milk and a plate of cookies that looked yummy.

“Now Polly” inquired Mrs White, “You must tell me what these Tortillas are?”

And so began the magical adventure of how Polly, Savannah and Aida met pixies, living in their back yard