Ch 2: Meeting Mr White (Short Kids Story)

Chapter 2: “Meeting Mr White” by Aunty Karletta

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The Fairy Door Store – a local Brisbane Business


There are three sisters called Savannah, Polly and Aida. They had moved into a home which had a glorious tree in the back yard.

The tree had a large trunk and branches, perfect for climbing on.

Inside their tree lives two pixies called Mr and Mrs White.

Ever since discovering the pixie Mrs White – Polly excitedly told her sisters all about the little house in the tree, at any chance she had.

Savannah didn’t quite know if she should believe Polly, because, being the eldest, she knew that pixies and fairy tales didn’t exist. But Polly believed it, and Savannah decided that was good enough. It made Polly happy after all, to talk about her discovery.

The littlest sister, Aida was very excited, because she’d always wanted to meet a pixie. She made a point of looking under mushrooms to find fairy and pixie homes, but had never seen one.

Through the next week, the sisters looked and looked for the small purple door in the tree, but didn’t find it.
Polly wanted to cry and shout “But it WAS there!”.
Instead she hoped that there was a reason why the door was gone, and one day she would find out why.


The weekend came and it was a beautiful Saturday. There were small clouds in the pale blue sky, and the sun was shining brightly.

Savanna and Polly were up the tree, playing a clapping game. You know the one – ” Miss Molly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick. She called up the doctor to come quick, quick, quick. The doctor came with his bag and his hat, and knocked on the door with a rat-a-tat-tat…”


Suddenly, a cheery voice called out “Hello dears, that looks like such fun!”

The girls turned around to look for the voice, and Polly said “Mrs White!”
Indeed, it was the pixie Mrs White, standing in front of a small purple door.
“Where were you?” asked Polly – “we couldn’t find your house!

“Why, i’ve been here the whole time miss Polly. I don’t know why you couldn’t find me. Maybe its magic?”

“Aah”, said Savanna “Magic”.

“Gosh” said Polly. “I’m soo glad you’re here, I told Savannah all about you, then you weren’t there (she gulped) and, and… it wasn’t fair!” she wailed.

“Oh my dear, my dear, its ok, i’m here now. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you ask your other sister to join us for morning tea? Will that be good?”

“Yes”, sniffled Polly.
“Yeah!” Agreed Savannah.

“And don’t forget to ask for permission” she called out.


They both carefully climbed down the tree and ran to fetch Aida. Then, with their parents permission, they climbed the tree one by one.

With all three girls in the tree, Mrs White handed them a magical carrot each, reminding them to eat it slowly so they would get used to growing smaller.

Then when they were small, she opened the door wider and beckoned them in with a smile. “Come and meet Mr White dears. Mind you don’t shout, because he has very good hearing and he doesn’t like loud noises.”

Quietly, and with wide eyes, all three girls gingerly walked into the little home, looking all round for Mr White.
They whispered amoungst themselves “can you see him?”, “I can’t see him”, “Where is he?”

A big chair turned around, and there was Mr White. He had a small beard and glasses.
“Hello”. He said solemnly. “Welcome in.”
He put the book he was reading onto a coffee table, and stood up.
First, he turned to Aida “How are you?” he asked.
“Good” she said.
He nodded. “And what is your name?”
“Aida” she said.
“Nice to meet you Aida.”

And you must be Polly?” he said to Polly. “Yes” she said. He nodded again.

“And what is your name my dear?” he asked the third girl.
“Savannah” she replied.
He nodded again, then clapped his hands once.
“High time for morning tea – don’t you think my dear” he said to his wife.

“The kettle’s nearly boiled” she chirped. “If you girls would like to take a seat, morning tea is almost laid out.”


On the table this time was a big wooden platter covered in crackers. There were cheese, basil and tomato on crackers, ham and relish on crackers and Mrs White was just bringing over tuna and corn on crackers.

“Deeelicious” exclaimed Mr White. “Girls, do try one of each – even if you don’t end up liking it, it is wonderful to taste new foods.
I make a point of trying something I don’t like every six months – just in case I like it this time.”
He picked up a Tomatoe, cheese and Basil cracker. “Hmm. Yes. Delicous, Mrs White. Thank you.”

The girls each said thank you, then reached for a cracker.
One by one, they took a bite.
And they were delicious! I wish you could try them one day.
The girls and and two pixies ate the yummy crackers and foamy cocoa slowly, chatting every now and then.

There were soo many questions to ask the pixies – like: “How long have you lived here?”, (years and years),
Why couldn’t we find your home before? (‘It must have been magic’, Mr White agreed),
where do you get your food? (we grow most of it, the rest we buy at the market),
where is the market? (that’s a secret).
Where is your garden? (out the back door. You are welcome to look when we are finished here.)


After the delicious morning tea, they all climbed some winding stairs, up to the back door.
Beyond that door, along a wide tree branch, was a huge garden.
It was soo green, also with colourful flowers that bees and butterflies were exploring.

Savannah had a question for the pixies “how do you get soil up here?” she wondered out loud.

“We fly down and pick it up in those buckets there” Mr White said.

Mrs White added “We need more soil, actually. I was thinking of adding another garden. There are some new types of lettuce I’d like to try growing.
I don’t suppose you could help us?” she enquired of the sisters.

Polly spoke up “but we can’t fly” she said carefully.

“Mr White grinned “Are you sure? Why don’t you come over tomorrow and we’ll have you practicing in no time”

The girls grinned to each other in pure delight.

Just then, they heard their mother calling them.

“We’d better go home” Savannah said.

“Right you are dearie.” Mrs White agreed.
” Come to the front and i’ll give you each a special growing tomatoe. You’ll be your full size in no time at all.”

And so ends the day that all three girls got to meet Mr White, the pixie, and ate a delicious morning tea in a magical tree house.