Ch 3: Flying About (Short Kids Story)

Chapter 3: “Flying about” by Aunty Karletta

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The Fairy Door Store – a local Brisbane Business


Three sisters lived in Brisbane, Australia, and they were very special girls – they were friends with two pixies!

The pixies lived in a magic tree house in their back yard.

This is a story of how the girls took a flying adventure!

The very next day was a Sunday, and as soon as breakfast was over and they had done their chores, the three sisters climbed up their tree and knocked on the little purple door.

They were greeted by Mrs White, who had such a big smile that she had big dimples on each corner of her mouth.

“My dears, welcome in, welcome, welcome.”
Aida quickly spoke up “Can we go flying now?” she said excitedly. “Do you still need soil for your garden?”

“Very soon. We have to get you to our size first, then you’ll need to practice inside.”

They each reached for a magic carrot that Mrs White offered, and as they ate the carrot, they got smaller and smaller, while the purple door looked bigger and bigger.


When they were as tall (or short!) as Mrs White, they were invited in for a second time.

Once inside, Mr White greeted them from his chair near the fireplace “Ready for flying today girls?” he asked.

“Yes!” they said.
“I dreamt I was flying” said Polly.
“Me too” said the other girls.

Mrs White called them over and showed them three drinks in tall glasses.
“This will let you fly, but before you have it, you have to do some imagining first”.

The girls looked at each other. “Imagining what?” Savanna asked.

“You need to practice imagining that you’re light as a feather to float up.
To come down you have to imagine that you are as heavy as a rock.
To move around in a circle, you have to imagine that you are leaning over to the side. Almost like you are lying on the ground on your side.
To move forward, you have to imagine that you are running.”
“Or swimming?” asked Aida.
“Yes, swimming should do the trick” Mrs White replied. “Shall we practice?” she asked.

“Yes please” the girls said in unison.


For the next 10 minutes, they ran around with their arms either side, and practiced imagining being light, being heavy, turning and swimming.

Then, Mr White declared that they were ready to try the magic potion. “You seem to have the hang of it so far” he declared.

The took a sip of the magic potions, then slowely drank it down. “Its not good to gulp” Savannah reminded her sisters.

They began to feel tingly before they’d finished the cup, but soon it was replaced with a feeling of lightness.

So they practiced and practiced flying about.
For about an hour, the girls concentrated on flying around. It was hard at first to go where they wanted to, especially when they were holding buckets. The weight of the buckets tended to make them turn to the side they were holding them on.
But that is what practice is for after all.
They ended up flying a few feet up in the air, zooming around the tree-house’s lounge room, playing ‘tag’.


“Oh well done girls”, Mrs White finally said. “I believe you are ready to go Outside”.
Mr White made sure each of them was holding a bucket and hand-spade, and they went outside, onto the tree branch at the front door.

I tell you, it was scary at first, when they saw how far down the ground was, but they were instructed how to slowly breath to calm themselves down.
First they breathed in for 3 seconds, then they breathed out for three seconds.
Mr White showed them how to put their hands on their tummy to feel their tummy going in and out with each breath. When they were all calmer, not soo scared, the girls bravely concentrated on feeling light, and slowly flew up, off the branch, then down into the back yard.

Can you imagine what it was like to fly outside for the first time? It was soo fun!


On the ground, Mr and Mrs White showed them what the best soil was (black cloured soil) and when their buckets were full, insisted that they do some more practice flying – this time with their heavy buckets.

The whole morning was had been exciting, flying, learning and being proud of themselves for learning new skills.

They had an interesting time seeing flowers up close.

Even though the girls started to feel tired, they kept practicing flying around.

They ended up shrieking with joy, and playing ‘tag’ again, but this time trying not to spill too much soil out of the buckets.

Soon enough though, Mrs White interrupted their game with her cheery voice “Shall we go inside my dears? It’s almost lunch time, and i’m sure your parents are wondering where you are.”

Reluctantly the sisters agreed, and they all took their time flying back up, up to the magic tree house with the purple door.

So ends this adventure of three sisters, Savannah, Polly and Aida, and begins a whole year of new marvellous adventures, and discoveries, which maybe they can tell you more of in the years to come.