Heaps of writing done


I just wanted to share that I’ve been very productive with writing. Its been a wonderful surprise.

This has been a fairly consistent thing for a month. I write a few days a week, for a few hours here and there. Its been great having something to be intentional about.



I’m mapping out an ebook – tentatively called Sucsessful to Burnt Out: Experiences of Women on the Autism Spectrum.

To give me a sense of accomplishment, I’ve been making little books of each section. My notes are hand written. They are a combination of bullet points and drafts of passages of text.

To not incite dreaded obligation, i’ve been relaxed about this phase of the project. How relaxed? The little books were written while laying in bed.

When I get to the typing phase, then I’ll allow myself to feel a bit more, well, professional.

In the meantime it’s been nice just allowing myself space to be relaxed.

If you are interested in the guidelines for sharing your story, please email me at karlettaswriting@gmail.com


Blog Posts

I’ve mapped out another 3 blog posts since my early November creative streak. I brainstormed and wrote 3 posts back then.

These new posts will be scheduled as well, which takes a lot of the pressure off with my blog.
People have been saying to pre-write and schedule posts forever. I wasn’t ready or capable of that until now.


Personal Project

One of the writing projects that i’ve been working on is for myself. It is an exploration of whether Australians could vote in a destructive psychopath llike Trump, as a section of the States’s population have done.

I’m looking at it from a number of angles.There is GDP and poverty, family stories and resentments regarding their financial state, racism, qualities of extremist groups (extreme to me anyway), national education scores and also business interest groups spreading mis-information.

I’m using a Thesis format – sections of the text – with a much smaller word count.


I’m stoked to be writing again, and for this long. Creativity is a sign that i’m well.

I’m not on top of things like chores and going out. That is part of my Autism. I’ve got to gradually incorporate space for writing into my schedule and energy limits.

Overall, i’m doing great. For instance i’m still excersizing and losing weight.

Just don’t look at the mess in my room…