Self Publishing my eBooks Online #1


Update: I’ve decided to just release the two completed eBooks in April 2017. Not the autobiography.

I’m writing three ebooks and am enjoying the process.

I am treating them as a traditional publishing house would. If they were to go to book stores.

Over the past few months I’ve been researching self publishing an ebook online. Over time I’ve outlined a basic project plan, complete with book phases and tasks, budget and design brief.

The Writing Process

In the writing processes, I am doing as much as possible. These books have a series of drafts. They are being revised and internally edited before going to an editor. This is for a line and a copy edit.

I’m hoping to get the cover pages professionally done. For the moment I’ve dusted off my graphic design skills.

These covers look better in my eBook reader than a coverpage with plain text.


While editing and to feel a sense of accomplishment, I  read drafts either printed, in my eReader or audio of myself reading them. Otherwise the books feel theoretical. Think of the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

To get other forms of distance and new eyes while editing, I’ve listened to the three drafts using the phone’s in-app text to speech option.

Current Stages

I consider that I am on my second draft of two books. The text now flows well, and they’ve gone out to a few people for feedback. These are Successful to Burnt Out and the poetry collection called Inaccessible.

The last eBook, my autobiography, is in first draft stage. I need to fill out chapters, particularily in the last two-thirds.


Once an editor has gone through the eBooks and I’ve revised it again, I’ll get to work ticking off tasks in preproduction.

For instance buying ISBNs, working on online profiles, refining categories to list them in and converting to mobi for Kindle. Oh, and getting the cover pages done, if not already.


A writer mate of mine said most ebooks sell 20-30 copies. (Ok, so he said it in an interview). My target is 30 eBooks sold. More would be wonderful but not expected.

I’d have to sell more to recoup my investments. Still, I’m not getting burnt by expectations. I’m hoping to sell 30. Not expecting it.


Learning Process

I started this writing process with a book and a few pivotal articles.

The book is John Birmingham’s How to be a Writer. Reading it made me feel that I should get more serious about writing. It took a few months for the message to sink in, but in November I got into a writing creative frenzy of sorts.

Next thing was researching articles and blogs on writing ebooks for online publishing. If you ignore the ‘I sold a million copies’ spiel, Carol’s got some points I found really useful. Her article is called 10 Mistakes I made Publishing My eBook, and How You Can Do it Better.

I’ve been listening to The Self Publishing Podcast for structured learning and regular inspiration.

The other day I finally bought Sean, Johnny, and David’s book Write. Publish. Repeat. It was awesome. Like the essence and content of their podcasts distilled into a large ebook. I think the Audible file alone is six hours!

Email List

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Further Reading

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