The Weight of Powerlessness

I am feeling the weight of powerful corporations having such a presence in my life.

I’m feeling the weight of sociopath’s doing what they do best. Destroying peace in society.

Where will this line of enquiry go? Read on my pretties.

Perceived Value
We’ve been fed lies after lies about companies doing their best and looking after their workers. That they are giving this great service to society, and should be thanked. A silent agreement is that any thing unethical they do is canceled out – before they do it.

People say how they keep our economy running. Bullshit. The money is shown time and time again to be funnelled upwards. To lawyers, executives and the 1%.

They seem to be very self sufficient and responsible to no one. Not laws, not taxes, not ethics and not even to their staff members.

What do they provide? 

I think they provide endless opportunities for learned helplessness. No cooking a cake from scratch. Sauces and gravys even come in instant powder form.

Through advertising they provide shame. Women and men are relentlessly told that we have to improve and alter ourselves to get basic feelings like happiness, pride and peace of mind.

We are being told that we have to continually improve. That who we are as individuals and our achievements are not good enough. Ever. That these things we achieve are invalid or easily dismissed for a lasting happy life. Learned helplessness again.

Pre-inclined for Untenable Situations

There are many things untenable and callous about certain laws and cultural base level constructs of people in power.

I think we feel forced to put up with country wide and world wide injustices because we are pre-inclined to believe that we are powerless – no matter what actions we take.

Or is it just me?

Is anyone else feeling micro responsibilities while trying to (unsuccessfully) ignore country and world politics. Are we Left-leaning (Liberal in the United States) citizens so hell bent on taking care of little, so called important things, that we do not have energy and space to make big changes to the world we live in.

Is anyone else just worn out? Think death by a thousand small cuts?

This poem by Yosimar Reyes expresses this weight.

A Poem so that the Weight of this Country does not Crush You

Turn it Around
If we turn this construct around, I’ve thought “Aren’t you just shifting the blame? How about taking responsibility for your own life?”

I think I do have a form of learned helplessness. Hell, it can express its-self in a few ways.

Learned Helplessness

I’m feeling like I can’t hold onto feelings of why I need to clean the house. To “focus” as some might say. I want something to fix me.

Feeling like I can’t earn much money producing eBooks. On that matter, feeling like I can’t stop being overwhelmed by rewriting my third ebook slated for a 2017 release. I want my cat to stop sitting on my friggin office chair. He’s making me feel guilty for working!

Update: I’ve decided to just release my two completed eBooks. You can pre order on Kindle here.

I need to move houses. Where we are now is costing more than we can afford. Plans of going to random house inspections seem far-fetched and disquieting. Planning a few inspections for a certain time period seems unrealistic. I want the Community Flyer (who I’m signed up with!) to make me continuously feel in no uncertain terms that yes, they can drive me around to random places.

This Weight on Me

I’m feeling the weight of powerlessness and the weight of my body.

I am pretty much chain smoking again. The lack of oxygen to my muscles is causing my body to feel heavy and stiff. I want intentionality to rule supreme – and not let me smoke.

Maybe that’s all I’m feeling? Not a weight of powerlessness, but a weight from oxygen deprivation?

I’m like Donald Trump seeing realities of what the media is presenting and calling it fake news. I don’t believe my own logic. Actually this is a bad example, because I bet he knows exactly how he’s manipulating people. I just don’t believe what must be true. Surely?

Hit me up on Twitter and tell me how can keep my focus on things? While you’re at it, tell me why I’m valuable. Reasons are escaping me.

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