Just wanted to let you know that I am working on another eBook!

This eBook is about the Autism Spectrum again. This time on an elusive self identity, masking and gender dysphoria.
It is part of the “I’ve been there too darl” series.

Achievement Unlocked!

Today I hit 10,000 words for the raw draft! I’m super proud.

It has a different structure than I mapped out, but thats kinda the point.

I think of mapping out as getting the concepts onto the page. Then I can start writing the text as a draft.

Progress: Mapping Out Done

I have mapped out chapters, themes and stories to add.

A lady has even expressed interest in contributing her experiences with managing self identity.

Contributing Your Experiences?

It would be nice, but I’m undecided if I should again be gathering experiences from Aspie women.

They would have to have been through a specific set of circumstances.

They would need to have been in the gender reassignment program or identified as another gender – and returned to their birth gender.

I think that some of the subject matter will be controversial, and it there would be a few conversations before their experiences are published.

If you are interested in sharing your birth gender-other gender-birth gender story, please email me at karlettaswriting@gmail.com


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