April 2017 Personal Update

There are a few pretty great things happening at the moment.

Republished My 1st eBook

I wrote my first eBook when I was 22.  Fill in the Gaps is a guide to community event management. It contains heaps of templates of documents and forms for planning and running a small event. 

Yesterday I worked out how to publish it, so its live on Amazon now

I’ve started to rewrite my public speaking eBook, so that will be up in a couple of months as well.

#AmWriting #NonFiction

I’m writing the second eBook in the “I’ve been there too Darl” series.

I mapped out the eBook before any typing. Same as Succesful to Burnt Out. I started with concepts, brainstorming them. Then looked for a few patterns. There are currently eight chapters that I’ve identified.

Again, I started writing pieces of the book in handwritten notes. I’m really happy with what is there already, and what else will be in the eBook.

An Interview

A lady overseas interviewed me for her blog Femme de Chem.

I’m pretty glad that it went well. I was wondering if I’d stutter too much and forget important information. I didn’t. Just like the last time I was interviewed (for a radio segment), I communicated what I wanted to and was pretty intentional in my speech.

I’m sure this is because I knew what was expected of me. I had a role and a purpose for communicating.

Online Courses

I’ve signed up for two online couses through Open 2 Study.

They are on Writing for the Web and Anthropology – Becoming human.

For a while I’ve been learning about early human history. Symbols written in Europe, before Heiroglyphs, Persia, Byzantine and other ancient history.

Its pretty cool stuff.

A Poem a Day

I’ve been participating in a USA poetry challenge. It’s to write a poem a day in April’s National Poetry Month.

I’m a bit behind, having written 11 poems out of 13 days.

The challenge is pretty cool. I hope to write another chapbook (anthology) later, maybe next year.

Cycle: An Sense of Freedom

I’m back into a cycle of feeling a pressure lightly lifted. It is nice to have a bit of hope for my future up ahead.

I’ll leave you with a poem I’ve drafted for National Poetry Month.


Did you know
I go through cycles?
Feeling confident
A lessoning of hope
Failing too much
Feeling unreliable

I’ve got new support.
I’m going to get coached
Through relearning
Independent living skills.

I feel hope rising again.
Or a burden lessoning.

Thanks to my timesheet,
I can see how much I’ve been writing.
Just typing from notes now.
I can see how it will be filled out.
I’ve mapped the eBook out,
Made some changes already.
(Changes are par for the course,
But its nice to see progress).

I’ve got Chapters, sections
Ideas and examples.
Looking forward to when the data entry is finished.
Then I can start typing free form.

Lets see how long this confidence cycle stays around.
How long I can keep it up.
I hope, for my flatmate’s sake,
It will be for a while.