Announcing “Hope Emerges” A Poetry Collection

I am happy to say that I’ve got another poetry eBook at Kindle!

This one is a bit different in writing style. 

My previous chapbook Inaccessible: Poetry about Inaccessible Things was very much concept and internal dialogue based. 

This new collection Hope Emerges: Poetry about Hope Emerging is more real-life based. It is more about concepts and what I’ve been doing in my life.

About Hope Emerges

This chapbook anthology, or collection of poems, is about a sense of hope emerging.

Hope in my abilities, in my future and in being able to finish what I start.

The poetry themes run through hope lost, to the power of committing to things, and finally reaping the rewards. 

Respite into feeling hopeful and content.

Kindle Details

You can sample, borrow or buy it now on Kindle.

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Thank you for your interest. 

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