Self Publishing my eBooks Online #2

I’m proud to say that I’ve now got four eBooks up in the Kindle online store!

You can read about self publishing my first two eBooks (on Kindle) in my previous post here.


Table of Contents



Converting a Print to eBook

Can You Help?

2nd Poetry Anthology



Republishing – April

April brought with it the realisation that I could republish my first ever eBook.

I collated and wrote Fill in the Gaps: Guide to Community Event Management when I was 25 years old.

When it came back from the graphic designer, the fonts looked amazing. She kept the colour themed chapters and my original formatting where possible.

I was very pleased with its look.

Back then it was delivered to me in seven pdf files. In April 2017 I found a website to collate the files into one and downloaded Kindle Comic Creator.

The most timely processes where designing a new cover page and converting the pdf file into an ePub file.

My one concern is that I haven’t worked out how to create a table of contents. I think I will have to pay someone to do that this year.


Since March I’ve been interviewed twice.

Being someone who self publishes, I organised these myself. I sent a message to each lady after reading tweets for these opportunities.

I was nervous before both of them.

I think I answered the questions better with the second one. That was where I emailed back my answers to the questions. The great thing about this was the longer time you get to respond, even to rephrase an answer when you think of a better responce!

You can find the interviews at:

Femme de chem

Title: Disability Poetry Reading Series: Karletta Abianac’s Poetry Crafts Awareness

Themes: Writing poetry, Autism

Title: Karletta Abianac (Author) Interview

Theme: On writing Successful to Burnt Out.

Converted Print to eBook

Using Scrivener I had the opportunity to convert someone’s print book manuscript into an eBook for Kindle.

This was great as I found out how to get rid of the page (section) titles on the forward and back pages.

They still show up in the index, under the (Scrivener) Section name, but looking at other eBooks this seems to be the case all round.

Can you help?

If you know how to get rid of the page titles in the table of contents as well as the page, I would appreciate a message on Twitter (@KarlettaA).

2nd Poetry Anthology

April was both Autism Acceptance Month and the USA’s National Poetry Month.

I took part in the National Poetry Month Challenge. I only made it half way, writing seventeen poems.

Quite a few of them required rewriting and made it into Hope Emerges, my second poetry collection

This ebook was quite quick to format.

I saved a copy of my first poetry eBook and used it as my template.

After playing around with the Table of Contents and Compile (export) settings, I realised that I had to redo some of the formatting from scratch.

This eBook is a little different, for example Part One, Part Two etc have small lettering instead of large.

Just before publishing it, I updated all three eBooks written in Scrivener. I took that opportunity to update some spelling and gramattical errors that I had logged since publishing them.

Those revised manuscripts are now up in Kindle.


My next eBook is in a Raw Draft stage. It is 11,000 words at the moment.

I have sent it to someone who shares my particular life experience. He has expressed enthusiasm to contribute his experiences as a contributor.

This is different from Successful to Burnt Out where the eBook had passed a raw draft, and was a first draft before I sent out questions to potential contributors. They got to read the second and subsequent drafts only.

This time he will read my raw draft in advance, and decide if my approach to the subjects work for him.

I would hate for any contributors to invest their time into this book in particular, when I could have known in advance that they would back out.

It could be a controversial topic after all.


I think that is all for now.

Its still pretty fun for me. Dead boring at times, but fufilling at others!

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Happy Self Publishing!



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