Dear Centrelink Letter Writers

​I recieved an inappropriate letter from Centrelink stating that I failed to supply information about my rent.

This is my responce to that Centrelink letter.

I had already told the customer service officer that I am not paying rent in my temporary accommodation, and therefore would not be applying for rent assistance.

I would like them to add a letter for those of us who do not pay rent at a given time.

It is utterly inappropriate to say that we did not comply to Centrelink processes.

Dear Centrelink Letter Writers

Thank you for your charming letter dated 12th June 2017, stating that I had failed in providing something you’d asked for.

I hadn’t realised that declaring that I’m not paying rent was an offence.

When I informed your staff member that I had moved and don’t pay rent right now, she took it well. I was cheery and she smiled during our conversation. 

I would have thought that your financial officers would be glad that they aren’t forking out Rent Assistance to me at this time.

When a letter arrived in the My Gov inbox, I was expecting it – stating a change to my rate in pay.

I was not expecting being made to feel like an irresponsible person. For not supplying a Rent Assistance form on time. 

I’m sorry? I never asked for Rent Assistance. I am not paying rent. I informed your office that I am not paying rent.

See, I am couch surfing at the moment. With a friend. Literally sleeping on her fold out couch. It will only be for a few weeks.

I have already been told that I’m pretty much accepted into a transitional home. My appointment is Thursday morning. At my preferred time, 9am.

I quite like staying with my friend. She is warm and welcoming and my bed is safe and warm.

The only thing to make me feel unsafe since I moved in was reading your letter.

Am I getting punished for not paying rent? Is my name now marked “Did not comply”?

I request that a letter is written and used from now on, for the event that someone does not pay rent at the time.

You could try thanking someone for declaring that they have moved and will no longer be utilising Rent Assistance. You could acknowlege that the person is not paying rent. 

Just an idea. 

Many of us on the disability pension have enough Anxiety without being made to feel that we could be punished for apparently not complying with your processes. 

As you can tell, I found the wording of the letter rather harsh.

Kind regards,