How I Promote my eBooks Online

I work on promoting my eBooks a couple of days a week. I’m going slow and steady with eBook promotion.

In this blog post you will find my experiences with:

  • Readers in the Know Database
  • Web Listings I’ve Tried
  • eMail List Subscription List
  • eMail List Segments
  • Further Research

Most of my time is spent researching website listing options as I’m early in my self publishing career.

I tweet and post about my eBooks a couple of times a month. I don’t want to spam my friends and followers.

I get between 2-4 sales a week. I am quite content with this as my expectations were that sales would have dropped off months ago.

Instead of spamming people, I am getting to know people online and developing relationships and support networks.

Readers in the Know Database

Going through the database list of website promoters at Readers in the Know is taking time.

My parameters for submitting a listing are currently

  • Regular eBook price (not on sale)
  • 0 – 5 reviews on Amazon Kindle
  • Free to list my eBooks

There are many websites that are out of reach to me. I can’t price my eBooks any lower, and frankly, don’t want my eBooks on sale for months on end. That would cheapen their value in my eyes.

I also don’t have the resources and energy to sign up for multiple listings. My computer has stopped working and I am working from my phone for now. That means that a web listing promo blitz is out of the question.

Web Listings I’ve Tried

Book of the Day

I think this one was successful because I sold three eBooks in three days. I also had two valuable conversations on Facebook, so one of those lovely people may have bought a copy.

Awesome Gang

This promotion was booked for the same day as the Book of the Day promotion. Again, it was potentially successful.

I paid $10 to promote my eBook with the Awesome Gang, to test the waters of a paid promotion.

I definitely have to stop booking listings on the same day as I can’t tell where people are finding my books.

Indie Book Lounge

I have only just listed my eBook one hour ago, so I will analyse the sales data over the coming fortnight.

eBook Skill

I checked the email sent to me numerous times, with my listing details. I checked and rechecked their website listings for three days around the time I asked for the promotion.

Each time I looked at between six to twenty pages of their listings and never saw it. There was no listing. Possibly I didn’t conform to their requirements.

I felt bad that I must have messed up impressions for other books, but it took a few days to realise mine wasn’t listed. That’s from my Executive Function having me on a logic loop.

eMail Subscription List

There are less than five people on my email list. For added exposure I changed the link in my Twitter profile.

Now the link is to the sign up form for my Mail Chimp eMail list.

For years the twitter profile link has been to my blog, but since there is almost always a pinned tweet linking to my blog, I figured a change is in order.

No new subscribers as yet, but it has only been a week. I will reassess the situation in a few months.

eMail List Segments

As you can see if you click the subscription link, I ask people to tick a box or boxes (sign up form fields) to let me know a bit about themselves. This is so I can segment the lists and send customised emails to them.

For instance people who are reading this blog post are probably writers into self publishing online. There is no point sending them my latest Autism blog post and book links.

Slow but Steady

All in all, I am enjoying researching, experimenting and learning about promoting my eBooks.

I am taking a long-term view to promotion. I would rather learn slowly, over time what to do to promote my eBooks online, than beat myself up about how many things I should do in the future.

I like my steady sales trend of two to four books a week.

Further research

conversation with Joanna Penn and Dan Blank, partly on being overwhelmed with self publishing options.

Self Publishing Podcast #141 – How to Blow Up Your Email List with Nick Stephenson. The interview starts at 25 minutes.

Nick Stephenson has written Reader Magnets: Build Your Author Platform.

I’ve read Launch to Market by Chris Fox a few times and highly recommend it. His tactics will come in handy for future books. I’ve started a long build up by posting pictures of my next book’s cover page.