Poem a Day: Your Determination

A poem a day by KarlettaA

I will be posting a series of poems this week. This poem is about being interested in someone’s determination.


Your Determination

I want to meet with you
Ask you how you are going?
How is your work?
What are you stuck on?
Can you tell me about it?

I want you to feel that
someone else cares.
That someone is interested in you.
What gives you joy these days?
Has your sense of humour changed?
What have you seen differently?

How often have you felt
In the moment?
I want you to know that
someone else wants you around.
That someone wants you here.

Are you drinking?
What keeps you going?
How do you separate that loss
from your life?
Or is it now part of your identity?
I want to see your determination.
See someone else fight to survive.

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