Poem a Day: Not Left to Chance

‚ÄčA poem a day by KarlettaA

I will be posting a series of poems this week!

This poem is about not leaving things to chance, and feeling satisfied that I’ve done everything I could.

I hope you enjoy the ride,


Not Left to Chance

Reading this form
Some people would say
I gave too much information.
That I was putting myself down.
Short changing myself.

No. I was being realistic.
Acknowledging problems.
Don’t judge this book by its cover.
I am glad she let me list
My problems,
Along with my strengths.
I’m content.

She makes a note to others
“Please proof read it.”
A niggling question
“Am I misinterpreting this question?”
I ask her. She thinks I could be.
Leaves a note for other staff.
I ask her to state my concern

‘This may be wrong,
Please proofread it.’
She doesn’t usually do this task.
Now someone will see it.
Someone will take note.
It will be taken care of.
I’m satisfied again.


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