Poem a Day: Cycles

‚ÄčA poem a day by KarlettaA

I will be posting a series of poems this week! 

This poem is about going through cycles of confidence, hope and a lack of trust in my abilities. I first published it here in April 2017.

I hope you enjoy the ride,



Did you know
I go through cycles?
Feeling confident
A lessoning of hope
Failing too much
Feeling unreliable

I’ve got new support.
I’m going to get coached
Through relearning
Independent living skills.
I feel hope rising again.
Or a burden lessoning.

Thanks to my timesheet,
I can see how much I’ve been writing.
Just typing from notes now.
I can see how it will be filled out.
I’ve mapped the eBook out,
Made some changes already.
(Changes are par for the course, really,
But its nice to see progress).
I’ve got Chapters, sections
Ideas and examples.

Looking forward to when the data entry is finished.
Then I can start typing free form.
Lets see how long this confidence cycle stays around.
How long I can keep it up.
I hope, for my flatmate’s sake,
It will be for a while.


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