Poem: Being Quiet

A poem a day by KarlettaA

I have been posting a series of poems this week. This is the last in my Poem a Day series of blog posts.

This is a poem about not speaking all day and enjoying it. If you like this poem, you may like Silent Wave’s blog post “Sometimes I Go Mute”.

This poem is in my eBook “Inaccessible”, which you can find on Kindle.

I hope you enjoy this poem,



Being Quiet

I don’t need to talk today.

I don’t need to question it.

It would be nice,

Not to talk today.
Quietness is in my mind,

Comforting stillness says hi.

There’s nothing I need to do.

Just watch and be quiet.
Peace comes along for the ride.

“Well Hello” I say.

How nice of you to arrive.
I say one or two words today,

Only what’s required.

It’s such a lovely feeling,

Being silent,

And quiet.


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