US Sale for Aspergers memoirs

Good news – my memoirs “Successful to Burnt Out” and “Elusive Identity” are on sale NOW in America. The Kindle Countdown sale starts at 99c, from 1st – 8th Febuary 2018.

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* Elusive Identity *

“A few months after going back to (being) Karletta, and for the second time in my adult life, I had no idea how to define myself. I felt like a blank slate. (Being) Karl felt like a story I’d heard about once. My past was irrelevant. My future would be a bunch of creative acts.”

Masking. Blindly trusting. Losing a sense of self. Creating an Identity.

Karletta finds herself without a sense of self at times. It can launch a new way of experiencing life.

Get an insiders view of the joys and reasons for recreating an identity from scratch.

This is a memoir about having an elusive self-identity and recreating a sense of self.

Elusive Identity is the second memoir in the ‘I’ve been there too Darl’ Autism memoir series. The third book is being written.

* Successful to Burnt Out *

“Within two months of moving in with my mum, I had crashed. I was a shell of who I once was. The change had been fast and devastating.”

Memoirist Karletta Abianac and four other women share their experiences of going through Autistic burn out.
You will feel validated with their stories, and understand your own burn out and recovery.

You can curl up with this memoir via Kindle eBook or Amazon for your print version.


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