Dear Dr: Asking for a comprehensive Autism assessment

When you are an adult, especially a woman, requests to be assessed for Autism are routinely and systemically ignored.

I hope this example letter template helps you be taken seriously.

I wrote these letters a few years ago and have been revising them ever since.

Feel free to use and revise them for your needs.


Dear Dr: Re-requesting support and my communication difficulties

Dear Dr: Presenting at an emergency ward

Dear Dr: Asking for a comprehensive Autism assessment

Re: Formal Assessment for ADD and Autism Spectrum Condition

To whom it may concern,

I have been seeking a comprehensive formal assessment of Autism Spectrum for years. I am writing this letter as I have been dismissed or my problems minimised by mental health workers.

This may be that they confuse my being articulate with telling them everything they need to know.

I am articulate AND I have social and communication problems.

I am requesting a formal assessment for ADHD / ADD and Autism Spectrum Condition.

I have not been coping with pressures at home, with relationships and with my mental health.
I hope to access ___________ for a number of services. A Speech Therapist to learn social skills for maintaining friendships, an Occupational Therapist to help me organise my home and improve my Executive Function, and a part time cleaner to help me stay on top of my chores.

I may also need an occasional companion to take me out, as I struggle to leave the house, even for important appointments and things I really want to do.

I am aware that there are limited tools for assessing Autism in adults. You may like to know about these two:

(DISCO) Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders.

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule
The ADOS can be used to evaluate individuals at different developmental levels and chronological ages, from toddlers to adults, from individuals with no speech to those who are verbally fluent.’

I would expect and hope that you understand the following topics: Masking and being a Chameleon
Autism traits specific to women
Theory of mind
Executive function

I would like testing on:
LDA Language cards
Processing speeds
Short term memory function

Thank you for your time. I hope to talk with you soon.

Kind regards,

(Full Name)