Dear Dr: Presenting at an emergency ward

This letter was drafted by myself, assisted by Andrew Blythe from Write Life.

I had the idea during one of his writing workshops, of having a letter written down, for times when I am mute and am needing urgent help.

This letter is a combination crisis plan, medical info and good intentions letter.

Feel free to use and revise them for your needs.


Dear Dr: Re-requesting support and my communication difficulties

Dear Dr: Presenting at an emergency ward

Dear Dr: Asking for a comprehensive Autism assessment

Full name
Phone number

Re: Supporting me to help myself

To whom it may concern,

This is a letter from me, (insert name here), a regular/ past/ current patient of mental health services.

If you are reading this letter it is because I know I am currently unwell.

Previously when talking to nurses, doctors and specialists, I haven’t felt understood on some aspects of my mental health recovery/ care.
I am writing this letter to help you support me.

I have (accepted diagnosises). I believe I have been wrongly diagnosed with (insert diagnosises).

In times of crisis, it helps me when my treating team (insert sugestion here).
I react badly when someone (insert example here).
I feel listened to when (insert examples here).

I may / will need a break or two after answering questions as I will probebly get overwhealmed.

Allergies I know about are:

My treating General Practitioner is / has been (Dr name, clinic, suburb).

My medications at the time of this letter are: (names, mg, times taken).

Thank you for reading this letter and listening to me. I am as eager as you are that I recover well from this period of my life.

Kind regards,
Full Name