Dear Dr: Re-requesting support and my communication difficulties

Dear Dr: Re-requesting support and my communication difficulties

Dear Dr: Presenting at an emergency ward

Dear Dr: Asking for a comprehensive Autism assessment

I wrote these letters a few years ago and have been revising them ever since.

Feel free to use and revise them for your needs.


Re: My communication dificulties and re-requesting support

If you refuse to read my written notes, please know that I will not be able to tell you what I need and want you to know.

Dear/ To Whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter as I am frustrated and want to help you to help me.

I have been refused help previously as mental health workers often dismiss or minimise my difficulties. I am asking for your understanding.

If I am asking for help it means I am at the end of my rope. I don’t know how I can proceed and restore my good health or home environment.

If I give you something written down, please read it. I will give you written information as communicating verbally on this topic – particularly raising the issues – will be distressing.

If you refuse to read my written notes, please know that I will not be able to tell you what I need and want you to know.

The overwhelming thoughts and feelings of communicating an important topic verbally will affect my processing capabilities. I will not understand the reasons for questions (what information you need to do your job), and overwhealm will cause memory loss.

This will mean you will be misinformed and I will hold back important information, due to anxiety or faulty processing.

I respond really well to direct questions, which you will need to follow up with clarifying questions.

I do not often see the point behind why you ask something, as my brain automatically and naturally takes things literally. If something is important, you will need to tell me what is important and why.

Just because I am articulate, it doesn’t mean I am telling you everything you need to know.

To summarise:

Please read my written notes and do not ask me to tell you them instead.

Ask direct questions and ask clarifying questions.

Do not assume that I understand what you need to know.

Thank you for seeing me. I have made great strides in improving my life and look forward to more while accessing the NDIS/ mental health/ physical health program.

Kind regards,

(Full Name)