“Racism? You don’t care”: you might judge me from my social media

“You don’t care”

Institutional racism and how you might judge me from my social media


I have been escaping Australian societal problems (including my own and societal renters’ unsafe living situations) by following American politics instead of Australian.

That changed for me when I watched parts of the video of George Floyd being strangled. The gall – the utter entitlement – of that police officer to continue to strangle him long past he was unconscious made me want to forget about everything wrong in the world. I watch true crime shows, to be able to recognise and halt predators in my path. Being Autistic, I am incredibly gullible at times. So, I know that it takes a long time to strangle someone. You keep going way past consciousness.

If you follow my blog, and my twitter and facebook accounts, you would see how often I post about people being able to live with respect and dignity. I have noticed a pattern in my tweets, in particular. I’ll retweet or tweet about climate change to influencers, tell politicians to do their jobs  and look after Australian people, not corporations, but when it comes to Aboriganal matters, I stop.

My head feels like bombs are going off, one after the other. I don’t want to send out a “token tweet” or “twitter protests”. I know acutely, for some reason, with any Native people that it will not make ANY difference. It destroys me. This is one reason why I come and go from social media.

I know about the Aboriginal children – even under ten years old – who are committing suicide.

Through one of my committee memberships, I have explained, requested, and told them “they need a community to feel safe. One aboriginal person attending the program is not enough. It is a token gesture.”

I don’t know what to f’ng do to give these people respect and dignity. I went to four primary schools and three high-schools, and I have had Aboriginal neighbours and classmates. I don’t understand why it is soo hard for them to be given the ability to thrive. To live in a derilict house – I know how it strips your dignity and confidence. Your safety and confidence. Your sense of permanancy and stability. Every day or every week is a struggle through mud to convince yourself, never-mind others that you are worth something.

So you, LNP, Labor, Nationals, all of you racist parties like Pauline Hanson’s shit show and Clive Palmer’s entitled followers need to grow the fuck up.

YOU are causing Aborignial children to commit suicide. You are destroying Australia’s trust that we will be ok. You have already destroyed our safety-net regarding our economy and personal finances. Aboriginal people have had no safety net since we arrived here.

I hope you and your “rules are not for me” attitude cause you to die of Covid-19. You deserve it. Showing compassion and love keeps people alive. You want to destroy them. I hope your attitude destroys you.