Letter to myself 2nd March 2014

Image of a twenty minute walk in my back yard in 2014. There are two pictures of before and after with the caption "1st week of WfParker (Walking for Parker), and March 10th.

Dear Karletta

The other day I was going through one of my life skills folders and found five letters to myself. This was the first one I saw, and I still love it. It helps me feel loved and appreciated. Be kind to yourself.

2nd March 2014

Dear Karletta,

                        Jesus Christ – I am soo proud of you!

Look how much energy you have got now! Sure, you’re not able to clean for three hours straight, like a few weeks ago, but you’re doing basic tasks to look after yourself.

You’re showering and dressing in clean clothes almost daily! Fantastic stuff girl.

I’m glad you’ve been able to exercise by walking. You’re right, walking for twenty minutes a time (in your back yard) three times a week seems to be a good goal. Any more often and I think you would have given up by now – exhausted, drained, and hurting. Osher and Reidy are always there to listen to (in Osher’s podcast) if / when you like.

I’m glad you’re taking vitamins and iron again. The way that you eat, or should I say, barely eat, gave you anemia and it sounds like you’re just not ready to eat properly. I hear you darl. I know you want to be eating healthy at every meal.

The house is fairly good too. I can tell that you’ve been putting in time and effort, even if your landlord can’t tell.

I was quite pleased to hear that you’ve started brushing your teeth again! Even if you only do it a few times, or for a few weeks, the point is that you’re putting in an effort. Those brain connections are growing stronger for next time you want to brush your teeth again.

I love you, (and somehow kind of miss you),

Love Karletta

Ps: Looking good in those clothes that were too small before *smiley face*

Meme stating “And there is hope. My old friend Hope.”
Side by side of Karletta in midst of depression and not looking after her appearance,
and later feeling well and dressed nicely.

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