Capitalism during Covid-19: I can’t buy Author copies of my books from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing

I can not order Author proofs and copies of my books. I just released one last week or so. From the store – as a retail customer – I can.

It is transparent to me that this is capitalism taking advantage of a world crisis. Why let us writers make money, in a time with huge job losses, when Amazon can be the only ones to sell our books..

I can not buy my own books at printing and postage cost. Usually, Author copies are copies of your “Live” paperbacks that you’ve made available for sale on Amazon. You can order copies at printing cost from your KDP Bookshelf.

Yet, I bought two copies yesterday, with an Amazon order, as a RETAIL customer.

My email today, as the previous ones say that my Author copies could not be shipped. Going by the Amazon terms and conditions, and (don’t you dare fu*k*ng fire her) a customer service officer, it is because of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Apparently, they are prioritising retail sales above an author’s ability to earn income and see an Author Proof of books they have published.

It is insane shit man. Unbelievable as a human, to be treated this way, but also expected in this capitalist-gone-wild society.