Poll: Support for Australians with Disabilities

An overweight woman standing in a small, white kitchen, in front of a fridge. She is wearing a purple long sleeved shirt with white abstract patterns. Her hands are on her hips and she is standing and smiling. She has facial hair, longer than stubble on her lower face.

I am working on a writing piece about expectations for how people with or given a disability diagnosis are supported. This includes, but is not limited to intellectual, developmental, and/ or communication disabilities.

I very much believe that we Autistic people are disabled by our environment and people’s treatment of us. Not that we are wrong or don’t have a right to be, in any way. For me, needing support to learn / do certain skills does not mean I am weird, just different.

I have, again, been watching public hearings into the Disability Royal Commission in Australia (Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability). I have discovered some very interesting things about accessing appropriate support, including… well, you’ll have to wait for my blog post.

Whether you consider yourself disabled, reject the label/s, or understand why this term is used, this is about when you, a friend, neighbour, family member, people on the disability pension etc need support, how do you expect them to be supported?

Australians, can you answer my poll for a piece I am writing please?

When you think of people with disabilities being supported, ‘acting out’, or showing distress, do you EXPECT them to be treated with:

Mood management medication only

Life skills, behavoural skills, and a yearly full physical assessment

Support for changing their environment including housing changes

Most or all of the above?

I know my answer is most of the above. I’d like to know yours. The comments for this post are open. If you have a Twitter account, the poll is embedded below.

Thank you,