Twitter thread: Poverty? Not our job

What did you expect of us? Of course poverty… always is… you can’t… deal with… terrifying… What we are focussed on and need you to be focused on instead is…

By Karletta Abianac

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I ended up researching our obligations in the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission. Of course we are still not meeting those obligations fully and in the spirit of protecting basic human rights. Sent a letter. Slept well.

2/ Quotes from Parlinfo
Transcript of interview with the Hon John Brown, Radio 2UE (and Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke);query=Id%3A%22media%2Fpressrel%2FHPR03008231%22;src1=sm1

3/ I remember it or hearing it discussed later on. It was from 1987 election promise about the Family Allowance Supplement, for the lowest income families in this country.
Some quotes that chilled me today, and frankly, feels like still exist and are used about many people today.

“, of course, there are children living in poverty now …”

“Now of course you can’t deal with the situation where the kids leave home and the money is not used by the parents to look after the kids.”

5/ “A massive delivery of money to the families of low income people where
the kids are. Yet that -BROWN: In a home environment.
PM: In a home environment. “

BROWN: As you explained, there’s really not much you can do to assist those kids that aren’t living in the home environment.”

7/ “but in any society there are always going to be some who
fall through those safety nets you create.”

“I just think it’s terribly sad, you know, that there’s this (…), well you know just bang, bang, bang
no child should live in poverty,”

8/ It feels like – oh, you don’t like your parents – I mean most teenagers don’t – don’t know if you should be calling it abuse. I mean, leave home if you like, but you’re on your own. Don’t come begging to us when you need to pay rent.
That whole thing isn’t for us to deal with.

9/ Still awake at 2am because I took one of my versions of poor mans ritalin today – three cans of coke (see: cups of tea or 2 coffee beans in morning and another in afternoon if needed) Definately coming down now though.

10/ Did just find this speech which shows the wont/ cant deal with root causes of kids and adults in poverty.

Alan Tudge MP Minister for Human Services
20 JULY 2017;query=Id%3A%22media%2Fpressrel%2F5405230%22
Today, I would like to discuss the nature of poverty in Australia, particularly…

11/ amongst children, and how we are faring 30 years after Hawke’s pledge. My main argument is that the primary approach to tackling child poverty (…) higher income support payments and more community services – will not provide the solution to significantly reducing entrenched

12/ (*primary approach* I assume means reading and implementing the, what? 100s of reports about community services, disabled people, public health systems, by interagencies, QCOSS, the CRCs (Cooperative Research Centre) et cetera)

13/ speech continues “impoverishment over the next 30 years.

Rather, we will have to collectively address what I call the ‘pathways to poverty’ more systemically. These include welfare and other dependencies, poor education standards and family breakdown.”

14/ This is the focus of much of the government’s efforts.”

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Poverty? Not our job
Byline: What did you expect of us? Of course poverty… always is… you can’t… deal with… terrifying… What we are focussed on and need you to be focused on instead is…

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