Open letter to Pfizer: Australia (needs vaccines) has 10% fully vaccinated population

Subject: Australia has approx 10% fully vaccinated population

10 July at 9:14 am


To whom ever does procurement and distribution to countries:

Hi, Australians are approximately 10% of our population fully vaccinated.

Our smirking political class (LNP/ Liberals/ Prime Minister and his boys club) are denying responsibility for making sure to vaccinate our population and even set up quarantine facilities.

Can you please make them get Coronavirus vaccines into Australia?

Along with their all talk no action bullcrap, they are refusing to allow these vaccines to be used by our usual vaccination processes/ logistics – flu shots, childhood immunisations, workplace immunisation set ups etc.

Our worn out health care workers are left to their own devices in an impossible situation.

Please help us bring vaccines into our country now.

I am begging you.

Thank you,

Karletta Abianac