Ya Wha? An Example of Mapping out one of my Writing Projects

Ever heard/ seen me say ‘I’ve been mapping out x topic’. Or ‘I’ve laid out a draft for’. Or ‘I’ve been writing stuff this week. Bullet points mainly’.

I’m providing an example. Sharing an example. That I did this morning.

I don’t know if it will help anyone, or be of interest to anyone.

It will help me to share it. I want to share an example, if not many more examples.

I’ve done heaps of these.

I mean, the likelihood of me actually finishing and publishing this one below, is dim.

*inserting example here*

On shared knowledge – parameters


Listening to podcast (with pausing and rewinding) Episode Julia Zemiro Who Cares? Ep 3 Kerry O’Brien & Zara Seidler, A Rational Fear
Also inspired by twice recently hearing phrase – I don’t know the parameters / what it used to be like/ how to compare


Current – separate info and overwhelm and anxiety
Too much info – sources, blogs, podcasting etc
Same issues/ interests – Are you going to? When is that? What is that?


Share knowledge broadly – time to process and anticipate/ speculate (overnight and all week)
Watched same TV shows and same time – could chat with shared knowledge, again process and parrot phrases – trying out – does it work for you personally?
Reading broadly – Variety of newspapers but same sources across households
Chats in family – what? Why? Testing/ parroting phrases
And why ‘your deafening silence (on social media) speaks volumes’ may not be accurate. Too many issues. Too much to say. Too many people to hear. Helplessness / overwhelm.


Also, little and no shared knowledge
No TV growing up
Constant moving and school kids changing vs others growing up in the one house in the one neighbourhood

Life Examples/ Vivid Shares

JW Bible Studies – topic/ theme for the month, Announced yearly – calendar and themes
Rock Eisteddfod – Rehearsals (wasn’t allowed to attend outside school hours), Roma and Brisbane trips to perform – be amazed and compare each school’s performances.
Personal development company – While fractured and hierarchical – times of shared goals, shared intentions, shared knowledge weekly (too fast to process).

Blog post wrap-up

So there you have it. An example of what I mean when I say ‘I’m mapping out a topic’.

I don’t know how to end this.




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Photo example of Mapping out a writing theme
Index/ Palm Cards
Fanned out and held together
with a small black bull clip
Titles on first two cards are: Deconstructing Rapes/ Types of Rape
Index/ Palm Cards
Mapping out: Deconstructing Rapes/ Types of Rape
Fanned out and held together
with a small black bull clip