Tasks done this week

Whiteboard – research from last year on local birds and wildlife care


Probably sitting in doorway for sun, fresh air, and listening to birds.

Re-watching some of Senate Estimates.

Added more names to three lists for federal election voting – below the line. Only need 12 or 15 names! What a relief.

Lists are Tick (yes), ? (Need more observing), and NoWay.

Registered for regular postal voting. Feedback given to ATO on process. Requested escalation.

Psychologist. Social life assessment and a plan made. (Recovery Star for adults – mental health. Section 4).

To connect with a writers group. Web search group looking for ways it may work/ past agendas/ themes.

Includes looking for / creating sense of familiarity. So am not walking into a room full of strangers.


Compiling working draft of complex data systems into a three page doc. Sent off for feedback. None received “I’m sure it will be fine in the meeting”.

Heaps done through day. No laundry or dishes cleaned for a couple of weeks still.

ID & $ cards given back to me from last year. They took my rubbish bags from veranda to wheelie bin. Then bin to kerb.

Needing bed rest. Exhausted. again
Prep for Wed appointment.


Finished & sent a simple & scathing future S100 to NDIA. Writing tone of a support worker or case manager.

On veranda for fresh air. Neighbour told me about flooding in Brisbane and QLD. Brought bin in from kerb (been emptied).

Context – public health concerns re: potential flooding today/ this week.
Methods: Used a glove to use hand railings on way down and back up. Used cane on bottom 5 steps. Used cane on whole way up. Exhausted. Eg: Leaned against the doorframe. Glad I brought the bin in 🙂

Checked mail – Occ Therapist had sent three lots of my life skills template printed out. Amazing. Super glad to have them on hand, ready to use!

Speech therapy video session.

Needing bed rest. Exhausted. again


Same day groceries delivery has started again thank god. Been ordering meals delivered.

2x food deliveries.

Bit of research ‘compare rain today to Brisbane floods’. Read most of amazing 2021 article on how often Brisbane is flooded. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-16/brisbane-flood-history-should-not-take-people-by-surprise/13051826

HADES: Research Through Making Workshop
Started Visual mapping of complex data systems – interactions with NDIA – what I’ve discovered is causing them to wash their hands of me. Treasury Dept down to who ever is on phone. My interactions. etc.

Discovered TV show Shetland. Watched S4 ep 2.

Phone call with Roy Morgan research on media input.

Continued Shetland ep. Then S4 ep 1 and 2.

Exhausted. Possibly went to bed super early.


Was this when Russia definitely recognised – has invaded Ukraine? – physically that is? Farg. Just farg.

Was informed LAC was really impressed with that 3 page doc.

Apparently LAC expects I will be pushed back into the health system (Hmm. No shit sherlock. Imagine spending money on people who don’t work right now! Unforgivable.) and still not given the NDIS funding I require. Will review it next week offer recommended changes.

Tried to chill out by watching iView. Discovered Preppers. Amazed and baffled and intrigued and wanting more.

2x zoom calls back to back.

Tried to chill out by playing Sims. Catch up on substack subscriptions. Catch up on video comedy subscriptions.

Exausted again. Been wanting to nap or sleep since 3pm. Almost 10pm and still awake.