Found my writers project plan template

Personal: No flood impacts here. Amazingly. Freaked out because I couldn’t find aerial photos of my area. Sounds and looks apocalyptic on the news and radio. I know of a few streets nearby flooded. No sense of what my area looks like.

So, no vital services impacts here. Except for hold up in support workers still. None since respite ended in 2nd week of Feb. And Grocery deliveries problem again. Done heaps today. Don’t need to write them all here. Signed up for mud army 2.0 . Homebound, so offered chats and warm referrals to services.

Even cooked noodles again. Gross. Ate them this morning. Some walnuts. Had a fruit cup this evening. Still feel full and hungry.

Freaked out about how to get food today. Plan now in place. Someone picking up my groceries on Friday. *crosses fingers*


To the good news…

Worked out how to log in to my Todoist account!

On my computer even *beams*

Found my beautiful New Book plan template! Considering again doing a Zoom poetry workshop. During the cleanup.

For other house-bound people. Or just peeps wanting to process stuff. And I’d get to talk to others. Strangers probably, but who knows. Haven’t even updated the Workshop Plan content this year. Never-mind a project plan including six weeks for people to hear about the workshop.

Very exciting.

Looked through the Todoist stats. Last login was May 2019. Last ticked off tasks in late 2017. Oh, no. Write 200 words task in 2018. Until that phone crashed.

Just updated the computer app.

Can’t find my A3 printed version of my planning template.

So I’ll do it on my computer. Not ideal, but not the end of the world (as my mum used to say).

My god its good to see my task lists all laid out in front of me.

I am very much a visual person.

Todoist project: New memoir tasks. Created 2017 by KarlettaA.

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