What Albo possibly meant at the Press Club in Feb

Well I’m impressed. Watched MP Anthony Albanese (Albo’s) speech in two sessions. Like the whole thing. His Press Club Address.

Wanted to see it all after hearing him talk about growing up in public housing/ Housing Commission/ Dept of Housing. Whatever they’re called where you live.

I had to call The Press Club to find the video. I’m really grateful to get a call back.

Because it isn’t on ABC iView anymore. And I couldn’t find it on the Press Club website. Turns out, its on YouTube. Duh.

Or maybe not. Didn’t occur to me to check YouTube because I’ve been searching in vain for ages to re-watch Dr Omar Khorshed’s Australian Medical Association address last year. I loved that one so much, I called the AMA’s publicity department to thank him for being direct and honest. His whole attitude really.

Anyway, back to Albo. I watched his whole speech and all the questions and answers in two sessions today. Re-wound bits of it quite a few times, I’ll tell you.

Now, it doesn’t change my votes for May 2022. I’d still prefer Independants and concious votes in our Federal Upper and lower Houses.

From his speech at the Press Club (and now the Budget Reply speech), it sounds like Labor’s reports/ policies incl costings – the procedure manual as is were – sound already created. We have to read them. No wonder considering how many organisations present reports to various levels of government as part of, um, being in public service.

For instance, the 2014 (Ammended in 2019) Australian Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza.

In the Introduction Page, note these two Key Aspects

Key aspects of the new approach include:
• wherever possible, using existing systems and governance mechanisms, leveraging seasonal
influenza response mechanisms to respond to a pandemic;
• applying a flexible approach, which can be scaled and varied to meet the needs at the time;

2014 (Ammended in 2019) Australian Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza

So, um, yeah… there is a rule book for pandemics. An Australian one even.

<object class="wp-block-file__embed" data="https://musingsofkarlettaa.files.wordpress.com/2022/03/w-ahmppi-2019.pdf&quot; type="application/pdf" style="width:100%;height:200px" aria-label="Embed of w-ahmppi-2019 or Australian Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza
w-ahmppi-2019 or Australian Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza

No wonder considering how many organisations present reports to various levels of government as part of, um, being in public service.

Karletta Abianac. MusingsofKarlettaA
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So when MP Anthony Albanese exasperatedly said something like ‘our policy is already there’ and ‘we’ve already done the work’, perhaps we should go look.

I haven’t yet, because I’m blogging, and well, I’m not endorsing Labor. I’m just impressed with his speech. The words he said and maybe felt he didn’t need to say. They were that basic. My first step to getting rats – I’ll return the bloody emails of course! From the company in Australia. From the Regulator. From the shipping companies. From the Pharmacy inter-agencies. All of that stuff.

To put it in everyday language, perhaps, the month’s schedule has been tacked up on the wall.

You’ve been super organised. Got ya Goals, intentions, Task lists, appointments and chats with friends and your invites are in the mail. To and from you.

You’ve got your weekly plan, budget and savings goals to monitor and shopping lists in the cart, ready to check out.

It’s all adjustable of course. Another pair of shoes breaking again. Kids taking too long to get out the door. Gotta wash the mud off your boots. If that’s even possible. Need to catch up on the laundry. All that good old planning is done already.

Because, it sounds like they might *shock horror* use the pre-existing Cabinet papers, Departmental Reports, Assessments, Guidelines, and Policy Recommendations, Memorandums of Understanding etc. That already exist.

Like Medicare guidelines and templates, QLD Health Reports and Guidelines, ACOSS reports and policy recommendations, CSIRO reports plus recommendations and literal how-to-do it guidelines into infinity.

I’ll post a few for you here to see what I’m talking about. Because they impact me, they are for regarding Health Care. Most are Queensland public service based.

Even if you can just look at the Title and Sub Title. Who wrote it and who to? Check out the logos.

If you’re really brave – take a gander thru the Table of Contents.

You’ll get a sense of how incompetent the Libs are. Wilfully ignorant. Complacent.

Why? Perhaps they feel Terrified and out of their depth. So they push down compassion. Make it not exist. No – not relevant (to the day to day proceedings) or already factored in (the misleading, nit-picked for positivity stats).

Because the reality is terrifying.

But its not a magic fix. Our health system and coming out of Covid.

Its a fix that already exists.