Well I enjoyed writing this!

Woman's head. Smiling at camera and holding up a negetive Covid Rapid Anti-gen Test.with dark hair


Typing on my phone today. Gotta replace the laptop touchpad/mouse area, which I’d enjoy. Um, or buy a new laptop, which I’d be peeved about.

Update 16th April: A few days after publishing, the touchpad started working again. In the meantime, got a few things done around the unit.

Was video calling with my mum. We snacked on food at one point. Gosh, what did she eat? Fruit cup maybe? Can’t remember anymore.


I’ll tell you, it’s always nice to have moments of hunger plus an ease to make something. How do you like to make food? I favour bringing out the paring knife, a rubbish bag and a chopping board.

There’s me with water crackers and home-made olive tapanade… coughs… ok, so sliced and diced olives. Tapanade is quicker to say, don’t you think?

Oh, and arrogant or strict foodie me (?) wanted to stress that I didn’t buy stuff you can easily make. Like olive dip…

Yeah, I’m shutting up now.

Spilt some oil from olive dip on my laptop. (roars with happiness at that simple sentance structure). Doing a video call with my mum. We’ve texted a couple of times this year. She’s ok. That’s good.

So I tried to clean off the oil. Put some thin cardboard under the touchpad to grab anything left, then computer off and keyboard down for the night on a doona.

Did it work? Hmmm, kinda. Partly working touchpad late next day.

Tried keyboard navigation and read out loud accessibility options a couple of times, but well, I miss the mouse tracker.

Got some savings, so I’ll work something out. Ebay order. New small screwdriver set. Keyboard and trackpad. Replace it myself probably.

Ok. This is taking ages to type, and I didn’t even get to talk about nice things like my recovered music playlists *does a shoulder jig in my chair* and the cool online music club that I was in last night. It was very cool.

The three of us made a playlist. Haven’t asked for permission to share it, so not sure if I should. T’was the first event, so we’re kinda, possibly creating the group’s ways as we go.

Like moving on to an album each fortnight, in the future.


Better let youse / you’s go.

And get some more grub in me. Eggplant dip, here we come!

Going back to listening to cheery Mike Van Acker on ABC Brisbane.

I’ve been wanting to write a nice blog post, so it was real cool to finally do.

Kinda anyway. More to write.