No formal post today


No blog post today darlings.

Woke up in pain and it went downhill from there.

But, good news. Door open for a bit. Sat on my front steps even. On a thick fur blanket. Gotta thank Renae for it. Got in touch with mum. Another friend. Still gotta reply to one of her texts. I keep forgetting heaps today.

Anyway, It’s 3:30pm, and I’ve just done some writing and editing about memories I’ve had about being a teenager in a country town. Considered turning it into a ‘this is how my memories get written‘ blog post.

But no. It’s new. Raw. Another day. In a memoir. A short piece even.

I miss walking around. Like I did as a teen (before the school-kid attacks got too much to deal with). Wandering around, exploring.

Rollerblading when I could find smooth cement. Annoying the crap out of our neighbours – who were teachers just out of University.

Finding little hidey-holes to escape to. Claimed a garden shed at one rental. The previous house too, now I think back.

Finding some peace (fleeting anyway) in the bush.

I’m off to play the Sims. Get outta this world.

See ya,