Learnings: I’m also Human Being

Just wanted to post about being reminded and remembering that I’m a human being with human being feelings.

Not every feeling has to be about Autism and childhood Trauma or anxiety or whatever.

You know, wanting stability (like housing and workforce instability), to feel ‘at home’, softness (hard wooden floors vs walking in two pairs of socks), etc are part of being human.

Here’s what I haven’t learned but have suspicions about – that maybe my contributions on social media – yes, and… – may be viewed as over-riding the poster’s intelligence.

Reminder of how nice it is to have a friend to say Hello and Goodnight to. Occasionally anyway. I don’t want to push our friendship.

That I’m pretty proud of the way I think. How I’ve put inane argumentative bullying to use over my life. Like being able to see past bullcrap statements by companies, politicians and media – aparently aimed at certain ‘vulnerable’ (from capitalism gone wild) demographics, but actually contains manipulative messages about keeping the status quo going.

So yeah.

Enjoy. Or not, where your circumstances do not permit.