Triple choc brownies

So, hey, I’ve been treating myself. To my favourite desserts. That I keep putting off buying.

If I am as sick as I feel, maybe its time to have desserts again.

I keep putting em back or ordering a meal over a cake slice promising “I’ve got the rest of my life to eat that”.

A chocolate lava pudding from Dominoes. That’s where it started. Ordered it. Ate it. Sat in wonderment.

Frozen cheesecake. Finally checked out a groceries order with it still in my cart. Or got in person, I think. Think I only bought that once, but it might have been twice. The Sara Lee brand. not that plastic rubbish. Am yet to order a slice at a cafe.

Last year, I took myself off to the gabba for shopping. They’ve got an asian grocery store too. Or did. I dunno. l picked out a tall-domed fresh apple pie, a huge custard tart and a rich caramel tart from a bakery.

I was like, I don’t care how many people think I’m wasting money. I need to eat. I want to eat nice food. Fresh food. I think that was when the Uber driver drove me home for free. Couldn’t get my groceries across and down the street. Aparently taxi driver/s couldn’t be bothered driving up to the/ this entrance. Met a guy and a lady with two huge dogs too.

So yeah. This last week made a brownie slice again! Just a mix from a box. But like, the real expensive Betty Crocker’s triple choc ones.

Been putting em off for ages. When I first moved here, for about 9 months, I made pot brownies. Stopped cold turkey once a drug and alchahol specialist told me I won’t get withdrawals. Not from pot edibles.

I reckon I did. But they weren’t nearly as bad as I was dreading.

Finally making some choc brownies again now.

On Wed night I added some walnuts and vanilla extract (which is aparently liquid nowadays? I’m sure I’ve got paste before. Or just stripped beans.)

So yeah, almonds or walnuts? Walnuts. Walnuts. Yeah, I crushed whole walnuts.

Oh my god. Soo good. Pockets of rich melted chocolate. Little bursts of crunchy earthyness.


Tell you what, those walnuts… I give ’em to the magpies. They like an occasion, not just food tossed on a table. Like hellos and slow movements, eye contact, a warble and chat. It aint just humans then. That want more than nutrician. Well, offs, you know what I mean. Some people couldn’t care less about food.

I like fresh, good food. Presented where possible. Not just ate out of a container it was frozen then cooked in.

One of those birds is real fat. And has had marks on its beak. Like, twice. I’m a bit worried about it.

One of em swallowed a strand of my long hair too. Hope its not all twisted up inside. I feel soo bad.

Not had much patience for them lately though. Like with my Snowy. Just stop bothering me. Leave me alone, style of thing. Its a pity. I do like hanging out with them. Albiet briefly.

So yeah. The last brownies I baked was on Wednesday night. By morning it was gone. Breakfast.

That was shopping day. That freaked me out. Took a box out of my cart. I reckon three in a month is quite enough.

Next week though, looking forward to another treat.

I reckon you might deserve one too.

Stay safe, where you can.