A trip to the shops – in text messages

Hi (Support Coordinator), can you please call me asap when you’re free?

Good news and bad news. Got internal parasite. I think anyway.

Dr appt at Kangaroo point. 3:10pm.
Could be waterborne parasite.
Would like support, but possibly not nessasary.
Possibly just lightheaded cos I need to eat today.

Called 13 Health.
Symptoms match what I had when ramped last year. Ramped 9hrs no dr.

At GP. This is beautiful. And perfect for looking at.
Am getting bored now though.

4:23pm Well. Just got treated like I’m weird and talked at like I’m potentially violent by a gp.
Left in shock.
Am thinking again now.

I walked up and left. He didn’t have my past medical history. Wouldn’t even do a blood test. Didn’t want to see the sample I had in my bag. (Wrapped in paper towel and in a zip-lock bag. Also had a photo, but forgot this fact.)

My medical records are with my GP who is new to the clinic. I haven’t seen her there yet. Only signed the intake paperwork today. She doesn’t work on my shopping day/s.

I yanked the door open as I left the GP room. In hindsight, because my front door is hard to open, especially in the rain. Have to yank my front door open.

4:35pm Soo many poor and neglected looking people here in Kangaroo Point.

What has this country turned into?

4:35pm Still waiting for a taxi home.

(To ABC Brisbane Radio after calling to intervene after waiting for taxi for over an hour. Kept saying Awaiting, finding driver)

Hi to the producer who answered my call. Am home now.
Just lost my keys. Thankfully mum is coming around with my spare key. Rain stopped too.

Hope others can stay safe as possible in this rain.

6:24pm From ABC radio Brisbane

HI Karletta, we are glad the night has improved for you ! Kind regards Joel and Terri


Ha, same thing mentioned on ABC Brisbane April 26th!
Late taxis on way home.

Text below I sent\/

And yeah. Wait ages for taxis.
Karletta. 3rd text.

Ready to go out. – Thankfully, they are usually fast. Within 10-20 mins.

Ready to come home, nope. Easily waiting 40 mins. Would love it if they dropped the need to use app with gps tracking. That aparently holds taxis up. No app.

So there I wait. With groceries.
Drives me insane. Feel stuck. Often nowhere to sit. So in pain as well.
Fun times.

6:58pm Mum: Hi, on my way. 😀🍒:

Me: Oh wonderful 🙂

Can I meet you at the car?

To a friend:

Hi, you up for a chat?


Not urgent. Later would be nice.
Am locked out. Waiting gor mum. she has a spare key.

Reply: That must be stressful- I’ll give you a quick call now

She called. We had a nice chat. At this point I was calm. A plan in place. Mum coming over with my spare key.

Mum called later. Taxi taking ages to turn up. I reassured her. I was waiting over an hour for a taxi home. I understand. I know she’s on her way.

7:36pm Thank you mum.
Am in the house. Sitting down.
Exausted. Home safe.

To Support Coordinator

Thank you for following along.
Am in the house. Sitting down.
Exausted. Home safe.

Oh. Missed q text. Was locked out. Lost my keys.

Mum got a taxi here with a spare key.

Lots of hugs. Gave her cake. SHe said goodbye.
In taxi home again.

7:57pm (My friend and I)

Just finished the online session. How are you doing???

Yeah. Real tired.

Are you in your flat yet?

Sorry. Am inside.

I texted three other people. I’m sorry I forgot about you.

Excellent. You managed so well in that stressful situation! Sleep well, and I’ll see you at 11.00 tomorrow. If you’re still sleeping at that time- it’s okay- we can catch up another day

7:36pm to Mum:

Thank you mum.
Am in the house. Sitting down.
Exausted. Home safe.

Ok. Sounds good. Will do.
Session went ok? Y/N

Session was fantastic!!!

8:01pm Me: