Taxis and exit plans

Agoraphobia. I googled it a while ago. Aparently its about a fear of panicking/ distress with no easy exit.

In my words anyway.

A fear of a fear is something I pretty much totally reject. Makes me sound weak. Now I hate feeling stuck. Trapped. Alone. No one to put out their hand if I metaphorically get hit by a bus.

I talked to a councellor and got to share some good news after I googled agoraphobia. I’d gone out to some local shops. Had a pretty good outing. Nice strolling. Fairly calm at times.

It was as if I had walked into an alternate universe. One where people actually saw me.

A difference that time, which she helped me identify, is I planned my exit.

Taxi to Bulimba. Driver stayed in the car. I picked up my one piece of mail. Got back in the car. Off to another location.

You people with cars have it good. Theoretically. You can just hop in and go where-ever you like, whenever you want.

Me? I’m using either Black and White cabs, or Yellow Taxis. Those rider-sharing companies, nup. Don’t like their business models.

Sheba I haven’t tried. But the thought of having a group of strangers rock up and drop me off during ride-share trips is putting me off.

Now, Uber, I can’t use even if I wanted to. No wifi. So I don’t get their text messages.

Facebook seems to rely on wifi as well.

Google Maps is interesting. I thought I pinned a journey today. Couldn’t find it a few minutes later, to double check my exit strategy.

The cab company I used again today – downloaded the app recently.

Why did I take soo long? My phone is running hot at times. Plus hate data-mining, which heaps of apps seem soley for. So I limit apps.

Anyway, I screenshot my advance booking – for 30 mins later.

Could only get one bag of groceries, because you can barely take trollys on footpaths now, nevermind accross the street to seating.

Time came for the cab to arrive, I open the app for the GPS tracker and hey-presto it’s still looking for a driver.

I called the company, quoted the screen shotted booking number, and they went on a hunt for a cab.

No point telling the cab company. It’s not like this is a new issue. There was even a talkback radio show on it last month.

But hey, I’m guessing this is my new exit strategy. Pre-book a cab. Call the company when it doesn’t arrive.

Same as the old strategy, except I would book via phone call. And rarely used GPS.

Enjoy your cars. You don’t know how easy life is with one. Theoretically.

Taxi pre-booking stating “We are experiencing high demand, we apologise for the delay”.