Comments Open: Questions for you, dear reader

Hi dear readers,

How are you going?

You know how learning about stuff and life happens partly through sharing experiences?

Well, I’d like to learn from you.

I’ve got a bunch of questions, so if you’d like to answer some or a few, that would be great.

Let’s see…

Q: When you listen to the radio, do you listen to a whole program? Even for a whole day?

Me, I don’t. I get inspired, something in my mind clears, or feel like I need to do something. I’ll try to go back to the show or channel later.

Q: Do radio presenters and producers expect you to listen to the whole show?

Q: How do you get an ABC Australia news article written about you?

Q: If you don’t hear back from someone, do you assume they don’t want to talk to you? Or do you run through possible reasons why they haven’t responded, and not ‘know why’ unless they write or verbally say why?

Q: As I’m writing this blog post, I got a text that my groceries have been collected and a delivery time-frame. Do you click on the tracking link?

Me: In my mind, if the text was sent, the truck or car has been dispatched and is on it’s way here.

Q: Speaking of transport, how long do you wait for taxis? I easily wait from 40 mins plus for my bookings to be accepted. Why could this be? How long do you wait?

Q: ‘They’ say “money talks/ money talks louder than words” and “consumer decisions are important”. If that’s true, and it’s true in my words, that we live in a world of capitalism run wild (expanded as I’m writing this – where people are seen as open wallets) what are your negotiations and non negotiable purchasing?

Me: Food is often non-negotiable. This means that (disregarding no appetite) I won’t eat or order meals if the options aren’t right.

Q: How often do those food delivery service websites deliver your food on time? How often do you stave-off/ put off ordering food, trying (with movements and actions) or hoping you will cook and save money?

Q: Those who’ve followed my writing and/ or career, do you reckon I’m a bit too much of a whinger? Should just get a life/ get some friends/ get out the house/ get on with writing more books?

Q: With healthcare, do you reckon I should use a lot more Medicare rebates (like pay $3k for a diagnosis the NDIA don’t want and theoretically will ‘formally’ accept) even if healthcare access means I won’t be able to pay my rent until re-imbursed (some practitioners don’t use instant eftpos rebates).

Q: Who has learned about life/ life lessons/ about yourself from something of mine you’ve read?

Q: When I say I reckon I’ll be/drop dead by the end of the year, are you like ‘omfg, just stop smoking and drinking’.

Q: Body language and few words. Tell me, how often do you experience this? Is it fulfilling for you too at times?

Q: How many of you are just worn down, feel neglected, and just feel like telling everyone to get lost? Or if not ‘are just’, how often or what time in your life have you felt this?

Q: Want to respond in some way? Like have no idea how/ no interest in/ *insert reason here* how to answer these questions, and want to say ‘Hello, I read this/ have read a few of your posts and I hear you’. Please post if you can.

If you’re on a ‘cheap’ phone, copy and paste and post it below. (or if you can, double click a word and drag your curser to select the text).

Q: How frustrating is using your phone or computer? Just one specific example. For example, I haven’t been able to figure out how to configure the Microsoft Outlook program to get my emails.

Ok then. I don’t know how to end this post.

I hope you have a nice day today. And you can stay safe, where possible.