Kid laid down the consent law

Just meandered down a path of memories. Upon waking.

Ended up at one of hearing a kid screaming out.

A few weeks ago I heard this kid was crying out in pain.
I looked up.

He’s standing.
He must of been like, grade 1, grade 2.

This person was ended up standing over him.

Took me back to feeling scared and stuck because no one was listening. I remember what that was like.

Hearing his crying out damn near broke my heart.

We’re going out, says. Get in the car. We’re leaving now.

Being talked at. Like ‘you do this no matter what. I don’t care’, style of thing.

At some point he’s seated to her satisfaction. She drives off… nope. Forgotten something. Parks again.

I’m waiting.

What’s happening? Get your thing. You’ve told and badgered and threatened him to make him get in the car.

I don’t know what is going on. They’re just sitting there.

Go get your thing, then go. End this misery so the kid can enter a fresh hell.

Finally, something breaks.

The poor kid is screaming and crying again. She goes and badgers him again.

“No! I’ll never change” he yelled out.

The kid laid down the consent law. In the presence of an imposing adult.

He was soo brave

Someone knows his needs. Him.

And I’m guessing a kindly adult had a word in his ear at some point.

Soo brave.

I just hope this world doesn’t break him. Like it has me.