QLD Emergency services working together? I hope so

Good to hear. Good to see.

Talking about working together. Starting to work together? Emergency services and agencies communicating? Groups of people listening to and reading MoU- Memorandums of Understanding perhaps?

Volunteers. Right. During a rental crisis. With volunteers coming from where?

Our insecure and low paying casual workforce?

People who can afford to volunteer? How many are left, exactly?

From those subjected to torturous, time-consuming, waste-of-time Centrelink mutual obligations?

I expect expanding the wworkforce will be hard. How many would be casual or contract roles? Would you want to apply for a casual job? Or volunteer?

I might be wrong. Cynical. In the ball park. Accurate. Its hard not to be cynical.

If volunteers, I’m picturing…

If so, I’m thinking of depression or post- war era tables full of people eating. Needing sustanance.

How do and could volunteers would arrive for a shift? Grouped together in cars? Community busses? Public transport and taxis?

Just thinking, if it were me volunteering, well, anywhere, I’d need feeding and transport. I’d need time on my own, resting and napping, just getting fresh air and out of survival mode.

but hey, what do I know. I’m just standing on the sidelines, panicking abput the way the game is played and having a go at everyone on the field.