Opinion/ Personal: Middle Swan child attacked and died, Aboriginal people abused, Human Rights Constitutional Law and State Sanctioned poverty

Prompts: Four Courners report on missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

Thanks to Amy McQuire for writing Across this landscape of disappearance, black mothers cry for their children.

Here is my current reply to and about but not about grieving mothers and grieving Aboriginal people.

Across this landscape of disappearance, black mothers cry for their children
This week has been one of profound grief across the breadth of this country

Amy McQuire
28th October 2022

I read about how they murdered Cassius in Middle Swan. Horriffic. Again – what has this country turned into. Or reverted back into.

Personally, my body and later memory remembered when a group of friends told me they’d been threatened by someone or people with a machette in Pyrmont, NSW and having to hand over their laptops and valuables.

My legs and sense of smell remembered walking home from late primary school, either crying or scared and dreading getting to our lawn.

Being bullied as a kid in the Midlands, Western Australia. God I tried to make friends. Always seemed to be doing something wrong. You were allowed to write a crushes initials in a book and you weren’t allowed to. We were allowed to pick our seats, but I wasn’t allowed to – because friends should stick together. Who cares in a way that that was the best spot I’d tested for seeing the blackboard.

My frustration and shame of writing “Thanks for nothing” over and over on a card to another school-girl as part of a group excersize I didn’t feel I fit into.

One primary school us two kids went to was in Swan Hill, Western Australia. Glimpses of trying to walk my sister home and playing in a park because mum was late picking us up.

Walking home from school. In the midlands. Back then.


I am soo busy. I am wiped out. Right now. Again. Today. Earlier on phone about my approved dept housing application. Did follow up phone calls and emails about various NDIS and finding housing things.

In the midst of hearing about the over 300 state sanctioned (for lack of a better word) missing Australian Aboriginal women. State sanctioned because it’s from neglect, underfunding, lack of empathy, power games with funding decisions, not wanting personal repercussions of awful policies, etc,

I’ve been learning what I can cope with about the Federal budget.

(Please note that I surprised myself by the anger below. My first writing task of this day was continuing a thank you letter to the people who worked on the federal budget and review and cutting of wasteful spending. In my defence of the lack of Thank yous below 1. I’d just seen too much rasism and bile to stand – couldn’t excersize it away. 2. I am more and more losing patience with excuses of human rights abuses.

So – to make it quick -to stop- or i’ll keep writing and editing until this is even more unreadable – Thank you to those who worked hard in Treasury. For the budget. Or whatever the office(s?) Is called. You missed a spot though. And a warning call for decency from people milking poor people of every rent etc dollar they can.

ps: See I can’t stop writing. Its a defense mechanism and I shouldn’t have to apologise for being smart and talking well.

Now read on. Or whaatever.)

A perfect example of keeping poor people poor on purpose. Because of many reasons they don’t want to say out loud. At least this time they’re considering prevention through energy company fines and legislation while keeping- state sanctioned poverty (sic).

It’s terrifying, how people on $500 fortnight and less are wasting away. Being destroyed in soul and body. A type of violence through state-sanctioned poverty. That’s what I reckon.

So Cassius. You poor frightened thing. Unbelievable.

While I’ve been busy, thoughts gone by of my family growing up in Midlands, WA. Neglect and abuse dynamics in state sanctioned poverty.

Ostracized, teased, coming home crying, at primary schools. Lots of reasons.

Subjected to and trapped in Jehovah’s Witness meetings. Because don’t mess with human rights in religions, god forbid.

Walking to school in WA. A family cat following me part way.

Then in South West Queensland and the aweful bullying there – like rocks thrown at me, being assulted, and all that comes with barely-checked childhood danger of others. And I don’t know what to say publically. I want to do it right.

Radio silence. Where are the allies of aboriginal people? Noongar people? I was asked in an article by Amy Mcquire. Presense. On Substack. You should subscribe. I can’t do everything for every marginalised community.

I am being selfish and looking after my needs and dealing with my intergenerational trauma.

At least I’m not pretending that rascism doesn’t exist and destroy people. Families. That there is no such thing as a power imbalance. You can’t hurt other people – only their reactions hurt themselves.

Nup. People hurt people.

Human Rights don’t exist in Australian laws. In principle, sure – in binding laws – no. I think. With few exceptions, I think.

Yes I know – this is disjointed writing. Wanna become my full-time carer? No? Don’t care. I deserve to write.

Writing about human rights

Been writing earlier today – again, different purpose – about how human rights are not in Australia’s justice system. I’m pretty sure. Like in federal laws or the constitution.

It’s not just aboriginal people and refugees and people on government assistance programs. It impacts a lot of markets and sectors. With a tiny few exceptions I think – from memory. Tinkering around the edges, as they say, instead of re-writing laws.

I learned that through the disability royal commission. Royal commissions before it all had the same problems. It’s not illegal for the governmeent to abuse or allow abuse of us.to Wrote it into a submission or two. Just sentances here and there. Or mainly talked about it.

All the disgusting trials and appeals because human rights are not enshrined into our laws.

And politicians and corporations and people probable fear the fallout if or when human rights go from drafts to law – being enshrined, I think is another way of putting it.

So yeah, I’m stuffed. Lying down on my sided, editing this blog post.

I need to cite my research (months of it) including some cases about violating human rights.

Ideally interview some people for quotes.

I haven’t forgotten about how much Australia is destroying Aboriginal people. Lots of communities. State-sanctioned poverty. Radio silence yes.

Can’t forget.

Never forgetting.

Can’t forget.