Letter: It’s resolved Thank you!

Senator Bill Shorten ndis.sen@aph.gov.au


15 Nov 2022

I just got a call from a lady in the NDIS – there was no fraud access!

She walked me almost moment-by-moment-like through what happened. Like the NDIS department who updated my record in processing a payment that day.

I also said I learned through the Robodebt Royal Commission that participents who access online MyGov > Centrelink are noted as “Cus Enq” – something that exasperates advocates and welfare recipients.

What a relief to speak with someone, sharing exact specific details – instead of being told to “not worry about it because it could be…”

She also promised to email me a summary of our phone call!

This is super helpful as I have a bad memory at times (cognitive impairments), so I can have no doubts if I forget how my “Potential Fraud?” Email turned out.

I can remember the details and remember – Case Solved!

If this is a result of adding extra full time staff to the NDIS, or just – privaliged compared to me – people sticking up for me, I am stoked.

Thank you to Bill Shorten and the team there. The guy I spoke to from the minister’s NDIS liason department too.

Thank you.

You’re awesome. I’m feeling awesome.

Karletta Abianac