Quick musings – a nation sick in the head

Got reading my (occasional) blog posts in your emotional or reading schedule…?

I was super sick early last week and thought of some parting words. Check it…

You people are crazy. I’m outta here.

(I mean, you do know that homelessness is a sign of a sick nation right? Like mentally sick. Got the wrong sorta priorities.)

(Brisbane, I don’t know or care who this community voices is re: dick swinging we’re tougher on crime and whatta you gunna do about it? Ha? Nothin. Got nothing to say do you? Ha?)

I don’t know, sometimes I dispair. People need conversations. Nation’s need housing and healthcare and safety and community services.

You do know why women had to band together and feed and house the population during war and disaster recontruction efforts right?

Why having a cuppa with someone trying to navigate systems and paperwork is important right?

Why the term “Warm Referral (to a service)” may be new but the concept is ancient.

We’ve got a sick and weary and frustrated population. We each need someone to say “I’ve got you. I see you. I hear you. I’m paying attention now.”

Maybe even “We’re each trying. This is what I’m doing. I know you’re doing the best you can” You know? Kindness. Time. Comfort.

But this country’s culture of seemingly never ending new backlash, lock-em-up and gag everyone, whatever latest political bull-crap, the “news”about oh-yeah-sorry-but-its-not-my-job, and attitudes like Excuse me. I’m sorry, but why should I pay more taxes? just makes me go, like…

Dude – you people are crazy. I’m outta here.

In the meantime, I know people are making the best of bad situations. (For morally wrong and right reasons.)


Take care, ok.

Kind regards,