First hour of the day

Daily writing prompt
What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

It looks gross. The first hour of my day.

Blowing my nose, using cotton bud sticks, trying to clear my sinuses.

Can I breathe ok?

Have I woken up… um… yeah, nah, leave that for medical convos.

Digestion system issues this morning?

Do I have energy to… pick a task, any task?

Either way – get some liquid, transfer box fans, adjust curtains, sit down.

(Shall I repeat why I don’t go downstairs? Disrepair. Feet hurt. Breathing bad. Hip and back problems. Exaustion. Plus exaustion. Add a bucket more exaustion. Now stumble home.)

Dentist the other week. Tooth capped, nothing pulled that day. (Fun rule – Have to phone to make follow up appointment. Can’t do it there, after appointment.)

((After the way I was laughed at and treated like a hostile event and nuicence? That will take energy.

I don’t know where the pre-robodebt social workers are gone, but they weren’t in that office. Mentors for public service staff – heard that around the traps. Verbal memory.

I hope so. There is a lot of info out there. Peer to peer guides. Public policy/ department reviews and recommendations. For workplaces to learn from and utilise. Dare I say it, royal commission recomendations. Institutional memory with all its experiences, good and bad. A lot of guides. Oh, soo many guides.

I don’t know – am I supposed to print some and carry them around? with everything else? Try my best with each person – even when I’m stuttering real bad and/or gone mute? Hope like hell I get someone amenable to outside information?

Yeah? Maybe.

Makes me think of when Cert IV in Training and Assessment was introduced. I still aint done it. Really, really want to. Too much health and ndis and housing bullcrap.

Didn’t think we’d go from community and workplace workshops to a distrust and rejection of these amazing guides.

I don’t know how to segway. Um, the dentist, yeah, so the dentist.

Gave me tiny needle injection of … that stuff that numbs the area.

Could feel under each eye an almost-solid mass.

So yeah. My mornings? Messy, gross… and loud and distressing at times.

You wouldn’t want to be here. Or one of my neighbours. I feel sorry for them all.