Glad to hear from National Cabinet today (Premier’s and Prime Minister)

I saw the press conference afterwards on the ABC news website. Sending thanks to Bridget Judd and Jessica Riga.

National cabinet updates: State and territory leaders meet to discuss health reform and housing crisis – as it happened
By Bridget Judd and Jessica Riga

Below is my repost from LinkedIn.

Cool – National Cabinet met today! State and Territory Premiers and PM (and support/ admin staff I imagine.) The tangible measures for reporting and reviewing outcomes too.

Very glad too of the attempts at (my words) cooperation and shared decision making. Dear to my heart, that.

All of them in Health are important, I feel. (haven’t read the housing ones yet)

Tangible measures that stood out to me are:

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1. Supporting workforces to work at top of scope, including pharmacists, paramedics.

(I am hoping this means acknowleging and addressing cheap and quick and cost-benefit analysing models of care for bulk billing Australians like myself.)

3. Improving access to and delivery of after-hours primary care.

(I doubt, but am personally wondering if this may also address those bulk billing Australians who want to access tele-health but are limited without wifi and appropriate phones/ tablets, and have security concerns re: public wifi networks and/or lack of oversight and regulation of third party apps including data sharing.)

5. Providing flexible funding for multi-disciplinary team-based models to improve quality of care.

(*Hoping for confidential data-sharing and teams working together and shared decision making.)

* Updated 3 hrs later to remove judgmental “Good. About time” comments.

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Strengthening Medicare

28 April 2023

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